We’re making changes to our Translation Management System (TMS) plans

Today, we are rolling out new plans for our OneSky Translation Management System (TMS).

An advanced management platform, our TMS is the ideal solution for projects involving multiple collaborators. To better serve the growing demand and our clients’ diverse needs, we are expanding the number of available plans and adjusting the pricing. Our new plans start from 10 collaborators for $89/month, to 50 for $299/month, billed annually. Custom plans are available as well. 

To learn more about our new plans, please visit our TMS pricing page.

To minimize the impact of these changes on our clients, all current paying TMS subscribers will be automatically enrolled in a legacy plan. This means that if you already have a OneSky TMS plan at or before October 3, 2016, the terms of your current account will remain the same until further notice, unless you wish to upgrade.

Though they look a little different, our TMS plans are still simple and straightforward.

We remain committed to offering you access to our full set of features, including an unlimited number of words on an unlimited number of projects.

Interested in learning more about TMS? Read our blog post on 7 reasons TMS is essential to your localization.

Vincent Chan

Vincent Chan is the Head of Product at OneSky, focused on making the best localization product possible.

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