App Stores Integration

With this integration, users can import meta data (e.g. app store description) automatically from app stores like, iTunes App Store, Google Play...etc. Also, users can choose to receive auto-reminders whenever the base language for their app descriptions are updated so that they would never forget to update their translations.

App Store Auto-Submit

To save your time from copying and pasting the translations onto iTunes Connect, OneSky provides an option for you to connect your iTunes Connect account so that you can export translations directly to iTunes Connect.


Detach the translation process from the development process, publish at the earliest possible timing. OneSky offers the capacity of over-the-air translation for iOS apps. With our plugin, translations will be synchronized from OneSky platform to the devices, bypassing iTunes.

Auto Screenshot Plugin

For iOS and Android apps, OneSKy provides an automatic screenshot widget that can help you capture screenshots, upload to our platform and tag them to the corresponding strings automatically.

IDE Plugins

With OneSky’s IDE Plugins, developers can upload / download the source string files to OneSky with only 1 click. Support include Xcode, Android Studio, Github and more.


Zendesk Integration

Localize your Zendesk articles with only a few easy clicks. Zero emails and excels required.

Freshdesk Integration

With this integration, users can import text automatically from Freshdesk Knowledge Base so support staff can get their knowledge base articles translated by native professional translators with just a few clicks.