Introduction to Translation Memory

A growing project will become more difficult to maintain consistency with more people involving in Translation Memory (TM). It becomes more important for translators to refer to the previous translations in order to keep the consistency across the whole project.

OneSky launched a new feature for managing translation memory sets, which support Translation Memory eXchange (tmx) files. Feel free to contact us if you have other file formats that you would like us to support.

Uploading translation memory

The translation memory sets can be imported in a very easy way just like importing string files.

How translation memory is handled in OneSky.

It is easy to import multiple TM sets for different projects within the account.

The imported translation memory sets will be available to translators while they are working on the translation tool.

When a translator comes to a phrase, which is similar to any existing ones (either in TM set or in other projects), there will be suggested translations for his/her reference.

Translation Memory in the translation tool

More efficient

Translators can do their work in a faster pace without coming up with a translation for some particular terms with references.

More consistent

The translation memory helps translators to maintain the consistency of the translations within a project. They do not need to spend time memorising or looking for how the phrases have been translated before.

Furthermore, the translation memory for other projects will be available automatically for all projects, so it will require less efforts in translating projects across different platforms like iOS and Android.

OneSky is going to prepare some TM sets to download including Facebook and iOS special terms for popular languages. If there is any translation memory set that you would like to have for your project, please let us know. OneSky will be more than happy to help!

Loki Ng

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