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Instantly access 1,000+ professional translators in 50+ languages.
Our game localization specialists have translated the likes of World of Warcraft and The Sims.

  • wide domain knowledge
  • technical experience
  • Industry
  • Approved by
    3rd-party panels
  • OneSky Translator Freelance Translator
  • wide domain knowledge
  • technical experience
  • Industry
    Mobile apps & games
  • Approved by 3rd-party panels

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Game Engine Integrations

Not only are we gamers ourselves, we know and technical ins and outs of game localization. Our platform supports all popular game engines, including Unity and Unreal.
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Worried about breaking your game UI?
We’ve got you covered.

On-Device Testing
Worried about UI issues when you translate your app? Our
professional game testers can ensure a perfect gameplay experience in
every language.
Need extra support?
Tailored Project Management
For large-scale projects, we offer additional services to help you set up your
technical process, communicate with translators, and offer extra support
throughout the entire localization process.

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