Breaking Global Barriers: The Crucial Role of Business Document Translation with OneSky

Globalization of business has opened up new areas of opportunity for industry leaders, empowering many to expand their customer base and boost profitability—something only made possible by the diverse talent that’s available on a global scale. 

These benefits come with a few requirements, though, such as accurate translation of business documents that direct and outline how your business should run. Localization-focused translation agencies support your business by creating high-quality translations of your most important docs, facilitating your growth in a sustainable and cost-effective way. 

To fully understand how to maximize the value that comes from that option, we first have to look at the challenges that many enterprises face in the business and global communication landscape. We’ll then explore best practices around global business translation—helping you to hit the ground running when you decide to pursue and evaluate business document translation services. 

The Expanding Business Landscape

The world has always moved at the speed of business—and the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t changed that. Instead, it has placed new levels of pressure on enterprises to diversify and become more adaptable and agile, both internally and externally.  

After the initial slowdown, many enterprises saw a rise in international trade, partnerships, and remote work as they worked to diversify their fulfillment channels. While this was a helpful step to meet the logistical needs that had since been identified in the wake of the pandemic, it did require unforeseen support tasks that would later facilitate this level of expansion into the international market. One of the most prevalent needs identified was professional document translation, which would need to be done in a way that would resonate with global teams. 

This leaves many international business leaders wondering: Is the return worth the expense? While you can choose to pursue more inexpensive options to fulfill your professional document translation needs, many multinational brands have found that working with native speakers to create localized, quality document translation outputs is worth the investment. 

Starbucks is a great example of a business document translation process done right. The conglomerate has successfully become a household name across the international market, made possible in part by the impeccable level of standardization that they’ve been able to execute. 

While this standard might seem impossible to uphold at a global scale so consistently, it can be in reach. How? Through high-quality localized and translated documents that explain and demonstrate the brand’s processes and quality standards on an international level. 

Challenges in Global Business Communication

It’s important to call attention to global business communication challenges as business leaders work to secure a tailored solution for global business communication needs. Doing this step ensures that there are cost-effective fail-safes in place to protect business operations and reputation, as a single mistake can lead to liability down the line. 

Challenges to consider can include: 

  • Lack of clarity around the document’s intended meaning: Whether you’re working to create globally accepted marketing materials in a target language or you’re working to accurately translate legal documents, a mistake in translation can lead to cultural confusion—and a ripple effect of consequences. These can lead to legal difficulties, expensive fixes, and other less-than-ideal outcomes. 
  • Poor business outcomes: While this can look different on a case-by-case basis, ineffective communication can slow business operations and take a toll on a brand’s reputation. This can lead to expensive fixes and lost profits—and can even make or break a business depending on the severity of the discrepancy. 

The Imperative of Business Document Translation

Now that we’ve mapped out the challenges that must be addressed, we can take a look at how support from a certified translation can help minimize your risks and improve your outcome. 

By selecting high-quality language services for your translation project, you can enjoy: 

    • Increased brand reputation and trustworthiness in international markets: A quality translation company will weave localization elements through each area of your translation project—helping your content to resonate in a more impactful way with the intended global audience.  
    • Enhanced operational flow across every level of your enterprise: When people are able to fully grasp brand standards in their native language, project managers and teams alike will enjoy a better and more productive operational flow. 

How OneSky Facilitates Business Document Translation

While human translation is the foundational building block that helps your global team to excel, it’s important to look for a comprehensive solution that incorporates the ease of machine learning (ML) elements—without the assumed risk that ML brings alone. That’s why we created OneSky—offering certified translation services of the highest quality in our streamlined, proprietary translation management system (TMS). 

We do more than offer translated subject matter on a quick turnaround. Here’s how you can leverage OneSky to enhance profitability and productivity across every area of your organization: 

  • We’re designed with you in mind. This means that we’ve tailored our TMS to include features that promote timely, efficient, and accurate translations, empowering you to expand into new markets quickly. This perk applies to every type of deliverable, from legal translation to translated handbooks. 
  • We team up with the best translators across different languages. We hand-pick our translators after they complete a series of intense evaluations and pass the first stage of algorithmic culling. After that, we match them to projects that we’re confident they’ll thrive in. 
  • We strive to work with subject matter experts (SMEs) on translation projects in their own language. This ensures that the most qualified and informed linguists work on your needs at any given time, whether you’re interested in website translation or the translation of technical documents. 
  • We do it all in-house and in the cloud. Our centralized cloud platform enables experts and clients to collaborate in real-time, and it also makes management of multiple document types a breeze—no matter how many languages you’re translating across. 
  • We have rigorous quality standards in place to protect your brand. Unlike machine translation services, our proprietary process has numerous inbuilt quality assurance standards to proactively protect your brand and outcomes. After all—you deserve to enjoy translation and localization services you can trust. 

Best Practices for Business Document Translation

Working to build out your business document translation and proofreading steps? Here are a few best practices to keep in mind as you build: 

  • Prioritize key documents in your translation process: No two documents are the same. Understanding how and when to prioritize documents in the translation process can help you to see more efficient results. 
  • Collaborate with native speakers for contextual accuracy: Whether you’re working to translate Chinese to French or English to German, critical details can be missed or taken out of context without quality assurance and verification. Many find that this is best done via the support of native speakers, as they can check for contextual accuracy and flow. 
  • Regularly update translations to keep up with the evolution of your business: Business moves quickly. Having a content refresh schedule is a handy tool that can keep your content on track, compliant, and impactful for your target audience—whether audience members are internal or external. 

OneSky is the Future of Business Document Translation

Business document translation is essential for today’s global business environment. As enterprises navigate the post-pandemic reality, we expect to see further emphasis placed on localization and quality translation of both internal and external business documents. Tools like OneSky can help, offering a seamless TMS for better workflow and results. Connect with us today to learn more and to start your document translation project for free. 

Mandy Fong

Head of Sales, OneSky

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