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Breaking Global Barriers: The Crucial Role of Business Document Translation with OneSky

Globalization of business has opened up new areas of opportunity for industry leaders, empowering many to expand their customer base and boost profitability—something only made possible by the diverse talent that’s available on a...

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Expanding Global E-Commerce: Key Features to Seek in a Translation Platform with OneSky

E-commerce sales boomed as the pandemic started—and the field is still seeing a rapid rate of growth into 2023. E-commerce as an industry is expected to grow 10.4% this year alone, taking an estimated...

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Is AI Translation as Good as Human Expertise?

Understanding Artificial Intelligence Translation AI is growing increasingly popular in the field of translation—and it comes as no surprise. Many are impressed with the concept of automated translation being just a click away, and...

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Can I Trust Google Translate for Localization?

What is Google Translate? Google Translate is Google’s free translation tool that offers primary translation of documents, sites and raw web content between languages.  Current updates to the platform have seen tremendous improvements influenced...

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What is Back Translation, and When Should You Use It?

What is Back Translation? Otherwise known as reverse translation, back translation is a method of quality assurance that helps corporations and industry leaders produce high-quality and accurate translations for their assets of choice. This...

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