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How to Launch Your App in China: 7 Key Principles 0

App Localization for China: How to Succeed in the World’s Biggest Market

China is the biggest regional app market in the world. Want to grab a slice of the pie? Here’s how to localize and launch your app for a Chinese audience.

21 Ways to Get Your App Featured on the App Store 45

How to Get Featured on the App Store: 21 Proven Tips

Want to see Apple promoting your app to millions of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch users? Find out how to get featured on the App Store in our complete guide.

How To Use XLIFF For Xcode Application Localization 0

How To Use XLIFF For Xcode Application Localization

What is XLIFF, and when to use it? Learn the benefits of using XLIFF in localization, how to use it to translate Xcode applications, and what pitfalls to avoid.


How To Add Localized Store Listings To Google Play and App Store

Why you should localize app descriptions, how to add translated listings in Google Play and App Store, and how to optimize app descriptions for local markets.

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