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Mastering Localization in React Apps: A Guide

Localization is the best way to help your app stand out on the global app market — but why?  The service transforms your initial product offering into a tailored experience for residents of a...


Global Success Stories: Top App Store Localization Examples

Did you know? 50% of the countries in the Top 10 list for downloads and revenue in the iOS App Store were non-English speaking countries located in Europe and Asia. Additionally, localized apps showed...


Mastering App Store SEO: Key Tactics for Success

Curious about the best tool to get your app seen on the Apple App Store search radar? We’ll tell you: Your keyboard. App store keywords are essential to your marketing strategy and app store...


Winning ASO Tactics: Boost Your App’s Visibility

Did you know? App Store optimization — known to many devs as the process of getting your app out there in the fastest way possible — is responsible for 33.7% of conversions in the Apple App...


Boosting Global Discoverability: App Store Optimization Through Localization

App store optimization (ASO) and localization are essential if you want your app to be seen by a bigger global audience. Current data suggests that ASO efforts alone are responsible for increasing an app’s...

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