Introducing New Translation Tool

OneSky cares about the productivity and happiness of our translators. That’s why we’re excited to be launching a brand new translation tool with many improvements based on our own translators’ feedback.

The new translation tool will help translators deliver more efficient and better-quality translations.

Here are some of the major improvements:

Clean Interface

Translators may need to work on a translation project for hours. The new interface is designed to focus more on the translating itself and show the status of translations in a better way.

Clean Interface

There’s no distracting irrelevant information—so the translators can focus on the task at hand.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We have added keyboard shortcuts for most of the common actions in translation. Experienced translators will be able to work on a faster pace by being familiar with the shortcuts.

The shortcut list will be found either at the bottom of the menu or simply pressing “?” in the tool.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Invisible Characters Made Visible

The invisible characters like spaces or line breaks are hard to spot. In our new tool, translators will now be able to make them visible by switching on the highlight feature.

Show Invisible Characters

Built-In Review Features

Admins or moderators may have some translations that require the translators to clarify. Disapproving translations will make it disappear from the output files. So we have added a new features to mark the translation as “Needs Revision” without disapproving it.

Screenshot of Needs Revision

The translators will be able to filter by those that “need to be revised” translations in order to resolve them easily.

There are other improvements as well, including faster performance, which will lead to less errors.

Here at OneSky, we want to empower translators to provide better translations in a more efficient way through our translation technology. Thank you for everyone who contributed feedback to our new and improved tool!

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Patrick Yip

Patrick Yip is the former Head of Marketing at OneSky. Heavily attracted to any brilliant growth strategy, well-crafted content and the idea of making the Internet globally accessible.

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5 Responses

  1. Ben Mclelland says:

    I have an App in the AppStore ATM called Pet Crazy (English only) and am wanting to get it translated into other languages so it has abetter chance of going International.
    Is this hard to do?
    Or does this tool make it easy?
    Would I have to get a programer to still do it for me?
    Any advise or information would be very helpful.
    Thanks Ben

    • Bianca says:

      Hi Ben, thanks for reaching out to us. OneSky makes it very easy to translate with our quality assurance features as well as our easy integration. I can send you more information via email. 🙂 Or you can reach out to me via bianca[at]

  2. ConfusedVorlon says:

    Hi Folks,
    I like the interface for translation. One suggestion: It would be great if you could build a mobile-friendly version.
    At the moment, it is more or less un-useable on the iPad (I didn’t even try the iPhone).

    Perhaps a simpler UI with one string at a time?

    I’d love to be able to link directly from my iOS / Android apps to the translation page for that app and let users update things directly on their mobiles.


    • Loki Ng says:

      Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll consider a better mobile tool in the future.

      The actions for the users to perform on mobile phone are quite limited. Most of the people don’t like “translating” on the phone because of the small screen and keyboard.

      We have a really simple version of translation tool which is more vote focusing. You may try going to the root link with your mobile phone. Let us know if you have other questions.

  3. Potap says:

    Specially for those who like to help developers there is
    Useful service for translators and just users of apps they likes

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