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A Guide to Game Localization in Unity and Unreal 0

A Guide to Game Localization in Unity 3D and Unreal Engine

From Unity smart localization to UE4 automatic localization, here are all the tips and tricks you need to know to localize your game for the win.

game localization mistakes 0

Top Ten Game Localization Mistakes

Ready to enter the video game global market? Don’t make these top 10 game localization mistakes. Find out what they are and how to avoid them.


The Best Countries To Expand Your Video Game

Video games have evolved into a universal language that appeals to consumers of any age in any country. We bet you don’t know anyone who hasn’t played a video game! If you have invested...


Game Localization: Everything You Need to Know

Thanks to platforms like Steam and the App Store, developers today have unprecedented access to gamers around the world. Titles that start as an indie hit in one location can spread like wildfire through...


Going Global With iOS 11: WWDC 2017 Localization Updates

Are you more Android, less Apple? Keep an eye out for our updates from Google I/O 2017 Developer Conference, coming soon to the blog. Subscribe to our Localization Newsletter and be the first to know...


[Technical Tutorial] How To Localize Your Android App

Ready to Localize? Today, we’re excited to launch Part 2 of our free Localization Academy tutorials: a technical tutorial on localizing your Android app.  Our Localization Academy tutorials are a roundup of the best tips we’ve learned from helping...


6 Game Localization Tips from BANDAI NAMCO

BANDAI NAMCO’s Historical Global Growth It’s hard to hear that classic “waka waka” soundtrack and not immediately be taken back. PAC-MAN is the classic arcade game of the 1980s, and we’ve all found ourselves...


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