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Unlocking Global Gaming Success: How to Choose the Right Game Localization Service

Game localization services are critical to your successful global expansion. The question? How do you choose the right agency for your needs?  OneSky is the leading localization agency for game creators and developers. We’ve...

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Level Up Your Game with Expert Video Game Localizers at OneSky

Gaming has taken on an entirely new dimension in the post-pandemic era and is projected to generate $187.7 billion in 2023 alone. If you’re wondering about the secret to this type of exponential growth,...

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Leveling Up Gaming: The Intricate Process of Video Game Localization

The mobile and video game market has exceeded a market volume of $206.5 billion as of 2023. Many agree that this feat would not have been possible without localization efforts in the international gaming...

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Video Game Localization: Your How-To Guide

What is video game localization, and why is it important? Did you know that Grandview Research estimates that the global video game market size was approximately $220.79 billion in 2022? While this number certainly...

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Localize your video games to a global audience with our video game translation service

OneSky provides instant access to 1,000+ professional translators, the localization management platform, and on-device testing that will help you quickly translate your video game into any of your target languages. No matter if your...

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