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Translation Pricing: How Much to Spend on Any Project 0

Translation Pricing: How Much to Spend on Any Project

Wondering how much to pay for translation? In this guide, we explain translation pricing from top to bottom — including how to calculate a realistic estimate.

Netflix’s Localization Strategy: 5 Takeaways for Global Success 0

How Netflix’s Localization Strategy Built a Streaming Empire

Want to know how a streaming startup from California became a multinational giant? Here’s how Netflix’s localization strategy set up worldwide success.

Right-to-Left (RTL) Localization 0

Right-to-Left (RTL) Localization: What You Need To Know

What you need to know about right-to-left (RTL) localization—the key considerations and how to navigate the process, even if you don’t speak the language.


Localization Workflow: Building the Perfect 6-Step Process

To deliver a great user experience in new markets, you need a solid localization workflow. Wondering what that looks like? In this guide, we reveal all.

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