Author: Mandy Fong


Streamlining Global Communication: Unpacking the Power of Translation Management Systems

Understanding Translation Management Systems Your translation management system is your top tool to automate and dominate as you go through the growth process. It’s a single, centralized system to contain all elements of a...


Mastering Localization Testing: Ensure Your Product Speaks to a Global Audience

The Role of Localization Testing in Product Development Localization testing enables companies to make their products and services matter to their ideal target audience. It’s a critical step in the expansion process which should...

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Mastering Internationalization Testing: Best Practices for Global Businesses

Internationalization testing is a crucial step in the software development process designed to ensure that applications function effectively across different regions, languages, and cultures. With the global digital economy’s expansion, businesses must prioritize such...


I18n: Everything You Need to Know About Internationalization

Understanding Internationalization (i18n) If you’ve found this article, you’re likely preparing your content for international expansion—and that means you’ll need a solid internationalization (i18n) strategy to secure your place in the market.  While localization...


Content Localization: What It Is, Challenges, and Best Practices

What is content localization? Content localization: Otherwise known as the most effective thing a business could do for its bottom line and expansion strategy—but one of the least-implemented strategies used.  Why?  Well, it’s often...

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Mastering Internationalization Strategies for Business Expansion

What is an internationalization strategy? Internationalization strategies are the driving force of global expansions for all brands—no matter what your structure is or what you’re selling. The right strategic decision empowers the sale and...

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