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What languages do you support ?

We support over 50 popular languages. Full list here.

Where can i get a quote or timeline for the project?

Once you've uploaded your files, our platform will automatically calculate a quote and estimated time of delivery for your project based on the number of words and languages to be translated.

What's the difference between ordering General versus Game translations?

The General translation option covers most apps, casual games, websites, marketing materials etc. Consider ordering Game translation if you're localizing a game with specific characters, skills, storylines (ex.RPG, strategy games or MOBA etc.) that requires more transcreation to make it sound truly local. Our experienced game translators have the domain expertise-and a gamers's touch-to localize your game to be culturally sensitive and relevant to your global markets.

Is there a minimum order price?

No (Take advantage of this and test your new markets by first translating your app or product descriptions!)

When should I order a review?

Usually, under these 2 circumstances:

If you’ve already translated some content before migrating to OneSky, we recommend doing a review to evaluate the current state of your translations. This will help our translators fix any mistakes, get to know your product, and provide a consistent translation style guide moving forward.

If you’d like to review translations from OneSky, you have the option of ordering a review with our third-party translation experts to ensure extra peace of mind.

What is On-Device Localization Testing?

We know that importing different languages back into your app or website can break your UI in many ways. And we know your UI is important. With our On-Device Localization Testing services, our QA experts will thoroughly test your app/game to find all UI issues related to localization. They’ll then compile a report that you can work through with your developers to fix all your UI issues.

We recommend this testing service for developer teams new to launching or localizing apps.

What is a localization project manager? What will they help me do?

If you'd like, OneSky will assign you to an experienced and hands-on localization project manager who will actively guide you through the whole process. They'll help you set up your technical workflow, coordinate translation updates with your translators , and much more.

If you'd like to learn more about our localization PM services , contact us at

Still got questions?

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