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5 Groundbreaking Examples of Multilingual Websites

What is a multilingual website? A multilingual website is considered to be any site that has content published in multiple languages. Brands might consider investing in this type of website if they’re trying to...

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Right-to-Left (RTL) Localization: What You Need To Know

What Is Right-to-Left (RTL) Localization? Right-to-left (otherwise known as RTL) localization is a specific type of optimization that focuses on RTL languages—such as Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi or Persian. These languages require different types of...

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Language Localization: Definition, Relevance, and Best Practices

What is Language Localization? Today, we’re finally answering the question: What is localization anyway? And is it really worth it?  Simply put, language localization spans all forward- or public-facing content, adopting a certain set...

How Linguistic Typology Helps Us Understand Languages 0

How Linguistic Typology Helps Us Understand Languages

Learn what linguistic typology is, how typological classifications work, and how to apply this knowledge to translation and localization.

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