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Content Localization: What It Is, Challenges, and Best Practices

What is content localization? Content localization: Otherwise known as the most effective thing a business could do for its bottom line and expansion strategy—but one of the least-implemented strategies used.  Why?  Well, it’s often...


WordPress Localization & Translation: 8 Factors to Keep in Mind

What is WordPress localization, and why is it important? WordPress localization is the process of optimizing your website for specific regions that your clientele may be visiting from. It’s a great way to go...

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Why Localization is Critical for Global Businesses

What is localization? Localization is the process that products undergo to be more appealing to the native audience of any region. Your localization process will acknowledge all of the cultural and preferential elements of...

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7 Key Steps in the Website Localization Process

What is website localization? The website localization process is a series of steps that are taken to translate your content formats into the most accurate and native language possible for your target audience. It’s...


Website Localization Services: Key Benefits for Businesses

What is website localization? The Internet has changed the way businesses operate. It erased boundaries between countries and enabled enterprises to cater to the needs of people regardless of where they are in the...

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