Facebook App Center Now Available Worldwide!

The Facebook App Center was first launched in the U.S.A in May this year. Since then, Facebook has been gradually rolling out their App Center to more countries. With the positive feedback from developers and users, Facebook announced yesterday that the App Center would now be available to all Facebook users worldwide.
Boost Your Mobile Apps Download by Listing on Facebook App Center

As mentioned in our previous blog post on Facebook App Center, the App Center is a good tool to drive your mobile apps downloads as all mobile apps that use Facebook Connect are eligible to be listed on the App Center. Same goes for websites.

To be eligible for listing in the App Center, developers are required to create an app detail page for their apps. For the detailed process of configuring your apps, go to the App Center Tutorial provided by Facebook for developers.

Added New Support for Localized Images

Yesterday, Facebook also announced that other than the localization functionality introduced last month that enables developers to translate their app’s name, tagline and description, developers can now upload localized icons, banners and screenshots also. Just like the name and description, localized images would be displayed to users according to their language setting.
screen capture of how to localise an image

Over 50% of users on Facebook do not set English as their default language. So localization is the key for developers to make the most out of the internationalization of the Facebook App Center.For the detailed process of localizing your app, go to the App Center Internationalization Tutorial.

Ready to take your app global? Create your Facebook app detail page and localize it today to get on the ride!


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