5 of the Top Ten Fastest Growing iPhone App Markets in Asia

The Rise of iPhone App Markets in Asia

According to Distimo, (a mobile app store analytics company) reports that the rise of the mobile app markets in Asia has not shown any signs of slowing down since 2012 and the region is still growing at a very high pace. According to their research, 5 out of the 10 fastest growing countries in terms of revenue generated in the Apple App Store for iPhone are still countries in Asia, namely Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea.

An infographic published by another mobile app store analytics company known as Appannie shows that China and Japan are now the 2nd and 3rd largest iOS markets. These two roaring Asian countries together make up 25% of iOS’s total downloads.

Still focusing your effort in expanding in the western countries? Start planning to conquer the Asian markets instead before it’s too late!

In countries like China and Korea, Google Play is facing huge competition from regional app stores run by local mobile operators or other platform owners. If you take those into account, the market is huge!

Localization is the Key to Capture those Asian Markets!

The graph below published by Appannie, shows that localized apps are dominating the top charts in Asian countries. This shows a much stronger preference for local language when compared to European countries.

For instance, nearly 70% of the top iPhone apps in Korea are apps with Korean names, with that percentage being significantly high in countries like Taiwan, China and Japan as well.

Want to take a piece of the lucrative Asian markets? Increase your chance by localizing your app!

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