Facebook App Center is Going Global


According to Drew Hoskins on Facebook Developer Blog, the Facebook App Center will be launching in Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey and that they are “reviewing all high-quality apps and will prioritize those that submit translations by Friday, July 13, 2012.” 

Facebook App Centre Can Drive Your Website’s Traffic and Mobile App Download!

The App Center does not only include apps on Facebook. It also shows websites and mobile apps that use Facebook – whether your apps are on iOS, Android or the mobile web. When users browse your apps on the App Center, they will be directed to your website or sent to download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The Facebook App Center lists high-quality apps according to user feedback and orders them for users based on what he/she is most likely to like and the popularity of the apps in the user’s country. The App Center would show app information in a user’s own language whenever possible. For example, if an app has English as its primary language but also has translations for German, the App Center would show the German version to the German speakers and the English version to other users.

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