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App Localization in Asia: Understanding the Distribution Channel

Looking Eastward There are as many as 1.5 billion smartphone users in Asia. For developers who are unfamiliar with app localization in Asia, the question is no longer Should I try to gain a...


What No One Tells You About Vietnam’s Mobile Game Market

Everyone knows about Flappy Bird, the number one iOS app in more than 100 countries. The addictive, animated game is the brainchild of Dong Nguyen, a young Vietnamese developer based in the country’s capital,...


France Is M-Commerce’s Next Frontier And Here’s How You Can Crack It

France – the next m-commerce frontier The world is migrating toward smartphones. As it does so, more and more retailers are trying to figure out how to drive mobile commerce. Those considerations don’t just...


Here’s Why Mobile Game Devs Have to Consider South Korea

South Korea is Gamer Central There’s nowhere in the world that’s quite as wired as South Korea. The country has a cutting-edge wireless infrastructure, a strong economy, and one of the largest app markets...


A Five-Minute Guide to Indonesia’s Mobile Game Market

Indonesia is a hidden gem. Why is everyone ignoring Indonesia? When mobile game developers think about Asian markets, they tend to focus on China, Japan, and South Korea. That makes sense: those countries have...


The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Game & App Publishers

A while ago, we published a cheat sheet about the top 26 China’s Android app stores. In this sequel, we’ve put together a guide to the top game & app publishers in China. Why...


6 Tips to Succeed in Chinese Mobile Game Market

Update: Check out our new Ultimate Guide to Chinese Game and App Publishers for more insights. How to Crack China like Clash of Clans They look like cartoon characters and are known for invading each other’s...


Everything You Should Know About the Skyrocketing Indian Mobile Gaming Market

This blog post is an excerpt of our, in partnership of Newzoo, recent report “Knock down the BRIC wall – Your 2015 guide to success in BRIC mobile gaming markets.” Download the eBook now....


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