The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Game & App Publishers

A while ago, we published a cheat sheet about the top 26 China’s Android app stores. In this sequel, we’ve put together a guide to the top game & app publishers in China. Why you have to find a publisher? Because according to Google, more than 80% of users in China buy their mobile games from familiar brand. China has an unique distribution channels, and foreign developers always face the fraud and piracy issues. Thus there’s a strategic reason for finding local publisher as partner. When big names like Clash of Clans decided to focus on China market, they also partnered with Kunlun – a local publisher for distribution.

Our new guide, “The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Game & App Publishers”, compiles critical data for 20 of the most popular app publishers in China. Here’s what it includes:

1. Comprehensive info about 20 of China’s top app publishers

Our guide includes data on 20 companies — their company info, website, competitive advantage and famous games they have previously published. We’ve also included information about contacting those publishers.

2. A Chinese email template for contacting publishers

Your initial contacts at Chinese publishers won’t necessarily read English well, so it’s essential to send your inquiry emails to them in both English and Chinese. To help you out, we’ve prepared a Chinese email template (with English explanations) that you can use to draft your inquiries. Get it here.

3. Frequent updates that track an evolving market

Market information changes rapidly. We’re happy to be your guide. We constantly monitor changes in the Chinese app market, and we’ll update the information on the cheat sheet regularly. Just bookmark this blog post or subscribe to the OneSky blog for updates.

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