Report released: BRIC mobile gaming market will reach $9.4B in 2016

We, in partnership with global games market research firm Newzoo, are pleased to announce the release of our market analysis on BRIC mobile gaming markets. The study delineates the market opportunities, monetization potential, country trends and localization tactics.

The key takeaways of the analysis

The BRIC mobile gaming market is expected to reach $9.4B in 2016, hugely exceeding the global average.

It obtained $5.1 billion revenue in 2014 with a year over year (YoY) growth is at 91.7%. The global YoY average is 38.9%.

Despite the currency risk, Russia mobile gaming market still reached 49.0% YoY growth in 2014.

Major setback in 2015 will be expected, resulted in only 0.6% growth. Yet the market will recover and raise to 379.1 million in 2016.

With 135.7% CAGR towards 2016, India is rapidly expanding due to high mobile gamer penetration.

Improvement of basic infrastructure will help India reaching $571.6 million by 2016, backed by 208.2 million mobile gamers.

China contributed 87.9% of BRIC’s mobile gaming revenue in 2014

Continuous growth is expected and by 2016 the market will be expanded to $8.1 billion, about 6 times of the sum of other BRIC markets. It is expected that China’s average spend per payer will grow as well.

An infographic and an eBook to summarize the study

We have enclosed the major findings and recommendations in the eBook “Knock down the BRIC Wall: your 2015 guide to success in BRIC mobile gaming markets” (Download the eBook now).

You may also check out the summary of this study in the infographic below, “The BRIC Mobile Gaming Opportunities in 2015” (Click here for the image in higher resolution).



Download our eBook now

The 43-page eBook covers each BRIC mobile gaming market’s performance and prediction. The analysis is broken up into three sections:

1. In-depth country specific trends

From mobile internet penetration to consumer behavior, we analyze the country market’s current outlook.

2. 2015-16 prospects

We provide comprehensive prediction about the future of BRIC mobile gaming markets.

3. BRIC marketing tactics

You will learn how to enter the BRIC markets with right marketing and localization strategies.


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