OneSky Security

We employ advanced security practices to keep your data safe.

Secure Connections

All critical connections to OneSky are secured via SSL/TLS. For example, the pages for entering payment information and password.

Encrypted Email

Any data sent from OneSky by email will be delivered using encrypted transport via Sendgrid.

Separate Application & Data Servers

OneSky’s web application servers are physically and logically separated from servers that store customer data.

Application Security

OneSky is built according to secure development best practices with security reviews incorporated throughout the design, prototyping and deployment process.

User Security

Users must authenticate themselves with a email and password in order to gain access to their data. All passwords are stored as non-reversible hash in the database. We use “cookie” with hashed token to save the session of an user without storing any email nor password information.

Server Security

All operating systems are hardened to remove all unnecessary software. All servers are built on top of Amazon Web Service with AWS Compliance.

Customer Data Protection

We classify and treat all data as confidential, using inbound and outbound low-level logical firewalls to ensure that data cannot be leaked between OneSky networks.

Business Continuity

Your data is backed up multiple times a day. Backups are properly deleted after 1 week.

Application Monitoring

Servers are monitored 24x7x365. Logs are regularly analyzed to identify patterns of suspicious activity.

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