Breaking Language Barriers: The Power of Multilingual Translation Services in a Global Marketplace

Did you know? Multilingual translation services are more important now than ever before — especially those that are high-quality, comprehensive, and inclusive. 

Many would agree that our world has changed dramatically over the past decade alone, and we’ve seen some major transitions in the digital world. From healthcare to government services to the video game industry, many fields and brands are moving exclusively online or offering client services in a virtual format. 

This means that for members of the larger international community, multilingual translation services are often needed to get a comparable experience to what a North American citizen would get from the same English service or offering. 

This discrepancy can lead to compromised experiences across industries and can result in millions of dollars of lost cost — not to mention harm to a brand’s reputation. 

In this article, we’ll explore how to avoid this pitfall. We’ll also be covering the necessity of multilingual translation services, challenges to anticipate when using translation services for your service or offering, and how a translation management service can help. 

The Necessity of Multilingual Translation Services

Approximately 93% of all communication is done through non-verbal means. This means that written communication (in the form of brand assets, service offerings, and marketing efforts) is your most powerful tool to grow your brand presence on a global scale. 

Communication is one of the most critical elements that can dictate your expansion’s success, which is why high-quality interpretation services and language services are key to invest in as you work on your localization and internationalization strategy. 

Some of the top voices and brands across industries today were some of the first to leverage the benefit of professional translation that has been localized and nuanced based on the subject matter expectations and target language of a given region. We’ve seen this explicitly with brands such as McDonalds, Amazon, and Netflix. 

Challenges in Multilingual Translation

While translation is a necessary element of a successful expansion-oriented service or product, many difficulties can arise in the project. Making the project manager, team, linguists, and stakeholders aware of these considerations ahead of time can help support a seamless experience for all: 

Cultural nuances 

No two cultures are alike. Nuance must be considered at every point of the process when it comes to translation projects, even if it affects the turnaround time. 

Adding nuance to your workflows, subtitling, proofreading practices, and on-site work helps you avoid potentially embarrassing “faux pas” when it comes to the presentation of your content — such as you might experience inappropriate content sneaking in, improper voice-over elements that aren’t tailored to your regional dialect or other issues that are commonly found in remote interpreting. 

Using human translators that remain on-site or virtually available throughout the course of your project serves a twofold effort: Meeting your translation needs and adding cultural nuances that you’d only find from someone completely immersed in a region’s offerings. 

Technical jargon 

Technical jargon can be a pretty serious concern, depending on what it is you’re translating. For example: A service provider may use very intense, intricate terminology to describe whatever it is that they are trying to translate. However, this can be difficult for a translation agency or a human translator to find equivalencies for — possibly resulting in inaccurate content. 

While this simply seems inconvenient for some, you can imagine how catastrophic it could be if it were to affect a consumer’s understanding of pricing, on-time delivery, or other elements of critical content. This could result in millions of dollars of lost profit, not to mention the possible negative effects that could impact a brand’s image or awareness in a given space. 

A skilled translator working on a direct, proofread transcription can help you to avoid this pitfall, allowing you to catch possible areas of issue before they go out to the public. 

Difficulties in translation 

Every language has its possible areas of difficulty. 

That’s right — whether you’re working on translating content from Portuguese to Spanish, Arabic to Mandarin Chinese, or German to Italian or Japanese, all can offer difficulties that are unique to that specific dialect. 

This is why it’s so important to avoid services that offer language solutions using AI, machine learning, or other tech that can be compromised. Instead, it’s best to use skilled human translators who hold years of specific instruction and experience with a specific language (such as Russian). 

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The Solution: Translation Management Platforms

Translation management platforms are one of the most powerful tools available for those going through the internationalization and localization process. These special tools support the centralization of all your growth-related processes and can connect you with the specialists you need to streamline your steps — making your progression much more time- and cost-efficient. 

OneSky Empowers Multilingual Translation

Looking for a solution for your multilingual translation management needs? Connect with OneSky and experience an industry-leading translation management solution that connects you with linguists, support, and the centralized infrastructure you need to expand your business on a global scale. 

We’re here to help keep your process simple, supporting you in addressing all of your translation needs in a simple, user-friendly, and streamlined way. Beyond our project management support and easy-to-use system, our translation team is built with inclusivity in mind — bringing you the expertise of human translators who speak 55+ languages and dialects around the world. 

It’s never been simpler to expand the scope and reach of your product or service. 

Connect with us online to learn more. Our experts are here to walk you through every step of the process. The best part? It’s completely free to start! Experience the difference between an award-winning TMS with OneSky — your premier solution for all things expansion.

Mandy Fong

Head of Sales, OneSky

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