Author: Patrick Yip


Everything You Need to Know About Chinese New Year 2016–and Why It Matters for Your App

New Year, New Opportunities… in the East In just a few weeks, there’s going to be a gigantic event: one that tons of people will participate in, that inspires a lot of celebrating,  and that has huge potential for...


5 Tips to Get Your Apps Ready for Christmas

Is your app ready for the holidays? Ah, Christmas. That magical time of year: when trees twinkle with lights, houses smell like baking cookies…..and apps are downloaded like crazy. It’s well known that Christmas Day...


Announcing OneSky Localization Academy

Today, we’re excited to announce OneSky Localization Academy—a resourceful place for you to become an expert localization engineer, for free. Go to OneSky Localization Academy now! A new learning hub The Academy is full of best...


Everything You Need to Know about Hong Kong and Taiwan’s Mobile Gaming Market

When we say, “best tech markets in East Asia” what do you think? The answer seem obvious, at least if you look at the numbers. China. Japan. Korea. And it’s true: these definitely are...


Scoping Your Localization Project in 4 Easy Steps

Like most great ideas, localization is actually quite simple—but with a lot of tricky details. When you take on a new localization project, there are a few questions you’re going to have to answer....


From Spreadsheet to Cloud Platform – Here’s How Leverate Nailed Localization

This interview is part of our series “Bring It to the World,” which is crafted for developers of websites and apps that offer localized versions to users worldwide. We’re catching up with some of...

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