Author: Greg Sung

What Are Translation Quality Certifications? 0

What Are Translation Quality Certifications?

Hiring a translation service? Find out what translation quality certifications are and the standards and frameworks translation services use to assure quality.

Why Authentic Translation Still Requires the Human Touch 0

Why Authentic Translation Still Requires the Human Touch

When it comes to authentic translation, which is better: machine translation or human translation? We decided to take a closer look and make a comparison.


Localization Trends and Predictions For 2021 and Beyond

The verdict is out: localization is good for business. In fact, if you don’t localize your website or app, you could be missing out on 40% of your addressable market! But localization isn’t a...


Globalization vs Internationalization vs Localization: What Is the Difference?

When most entrepreneurs start a new business, they dream of one day going global. Thanks to technology, that is more likely now than ever before. In fact, many small businesses rely more on custom...


Game Localization: Everything You Need to Know

Thanks to platforms like Steam and the App Store, developers today have unprecedented access to gamers around the world. Titles that start as an indie hit in one location can spread like wildfire through...

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