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Streamlining Global Communication: Unpacking the Power of Translation Management Systems

Understanding Translation Management Systems Your translation management system is your top tool to automate and dominate as you go through the growth process. It’s a single, centralized system to contain all elements of a...


Mastering Localization Testing: Ensure Your Product Speaks to a Global Audience

The Role of Localization Testing in Product Development Localization testing enables companies to make their products and services matter to their ideal target audience. It’s a critical step in the expansion process which should...


How to Navigate Your Transnational Strategy for Global Success

Understanding Transnational Strategy A transnational strategy in the context of brand expansion allows for businesses like yours to capitalize on the efficiency and savings that localization and internationalization can provide. Allowing room for this...

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What is a Multi-Domestic Strategy? Definition and Relevant Examples

What is a multi-domestic strategy? A multi-domestic strategy is a complementary concept to a global standardization and expansion strategy. Its main focus is to boost the visibility of a brand’s subsidiaries as independent competitors...

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Globalization vs Internationalization vs Localization: What Is the Difference?

Defining Globalization, Internationalization, and Localization Did you know? These three definitions can determine your potential longevity and success in business. Understanding how to use the concepts of globalization, internationalization and localization is essential to...

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Language Localization: Definition, Relevance, and Best Practices

What is Language Localization? Today, we’re finally answering the question: What is localization anyway? And is it really worth it?  Simply put, language localization spans all forward- or public-facing content, adopting a certain set...

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