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JavaScript Localization: Your How-to Guide

What is localization? Localization is the optimization of your product, app, or service for a specific region or market. It is an essential component of globalization, made possible by the firm framework presented by...

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Internationalization and Localization: Choosing the Best Solution for Your Business

What is Internationalization? Internationalization can be compared to the wheels that make the concept of globalization “move” along the road to expansion—keeping all services and products aligned with the end goal of mass distribution...

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Top 8 Localization Strategy Examples to Visualize Global Growth

What is the localization strategy? No two countries in the world have the same cultural norms, ethical scales, lifestyles, and so on. In most cases, the differences may be spot on in areas such...

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What is a Localization Strategy? Benefits to Consider

What is a localization strategy? A localization strategy is an overarching plan for adapting a product to meet the purchasing behaviors, language preferences, and cultural norms of people in a particular geography.   Business environments...

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Top 5 Localization Tools for Localization Managers

What is a localization tool? Your potential customers may feel lost and confused if you present the product information in a language they don’t understand. This often results in poor customer conversion rates and...

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4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider Localization

What is localization? Localization is the practice of adapting a product to reflect the cultural sensitivities and language of customers in the local market. The product can be anything, including a website, software, web...

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