Boost Your Global Reach: Mastering ASO & SEO with Localization

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a critical component of any successful app store optimization strategy. Findings show that as many as 82% of users find apps by searching the app stores or via app store recommendations — which are largely made possible with stellar SEO strategy and spot-on brand positioning. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the impact of ASO and SEO on your mobile app. We’ll also be covering key strategies to help you elevate your app marketing “game,” boosting your installs and in-app conversion rates with tips you can implement immediately. 


Understanding the Impact of Localization on ASO and SEO

Localization goes beyond translation, impacting both your ASO and SEO strategies. Both types of strategy are fueled by cultural context and nuance, so embracing localization in both is an easy way to see quick, tangible results. 

Here are a few examples of localization in both ASO and SEO: 

  • Cultural contexts influence how people search. From language and syntax differences to cultural preferences and needs, SEO search styles can be impacted.
  • Using localization strategies to influence your keyword selections means that you’ll pick the best keywords for your niche — which impacts your app page and short description structures. When done, this step can increase your ranking factors and can boost your keyword rankings over time. 
  • App store optimization and localization help your app’s success in the marketplace. ASO vs. SEO: which matters more? We’ll be honest — they both matter equally, and both boost your overall app marketing success. 
      • ASO goes the extra mile in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, though — catering to either store’s algorithms and streamlining your app marketing steps. A higher algorithm position means more downloads and views, helping your mobile app make headlines. 
  • Localization of your app’s assets directly impacts your conversion click-through rates (or CTR). Beyond the benefit of ASO localization on app store search, localizing your app assets (like your app’s metadata, product page and app description) can influence your client retention and downloads. 


The “Key” Primary Strategy for Localizing Your ASO

By now, you know that ASO and SEO are both important for your app’s marketing strategy. Now, let’s dig into key strategies for localizing your ASO steps. 

Tailoring app titles, keywords, and descriptions for different languages 

Consumers buy what they can trust. Localizing digital marketing assets that they’ll see in the app store search results means that they’re getting a tailored version of your primary offering — appealing to their needs, preferences, and expectations proactively. 

Case Study: BackThen 

Pregnancy memory app BackThen took a unique approach to this part of ASO localization, allowing the users themselves to “localize” their micro-content and grow the platform’s audience. By adopting this approach, they were able to halve the cost per user and boost a yearly user count of 3 million+ compared to the initial 600,000 they started with. 

Case Study: Headspace

Headspace, a mental health app, is another example of the power that a localized ASO campaign can bring. Key elements of the updated strategy included a long-term audit and enhanced keyword optimization techniques, which were aimed directly at filling gaps that competitors left. 

Per a report secured by Business of Apps, the ASO campaign boosted app visibility by 40%. This translated to 40% more installs in the non-English market, and an 18% increase in installs via search. 


Optimizing Your Website’s SEO for Global Audiences

App devs know that there’s more to growing your app downloads than your ASO strategy and social media marketing initiatives. A large portion of your organic traffic can come from your app’s website — which can complement information found in your app store listing and campaign content. 

App users will still be looking for a web page that is tailored to their needs, preferences, and expectations, allowing them to explore your app’s offerings comfortably and in a personalized way. 

Here are our best practices for multilingual SEO for you to consider as you establish your online presence: 

  • Don’t be afraid to optimize your URLs, too. URLs are often overlooked when it comes to SEO overhauls, but they shouldn’t be. They actually play a vital role in your rank on search engine results pages — directly impacting user acquisition and brand awareness via SERPS. 
  • Offer an autonomous and seamless UI. Language isn’t bound by region. By allowing your consumer to toggle languages simply on-page, you encourage autonomy and comfort from the start. 
  • Invest in high-quality translated content for your page. Quality content that presents the fruits of your keyword research is key, both for your user experience and for SEO indexing. Consider using A/B testing to determine what type of content performs well for your regional audience, and invest in high-quality translators and tools to keep the stream of content coming as you expand. 


The Role of Project/Localization Managers in ASO & SEO

We know that we’ve offered you a lot of different tips for your ASO and SEO strategies. But don’t get overwhelmed — you don’t have to do it alone! 

Project and localization managers are invaluable support to you as you go through the optimization process, offering you tailored support and coordinating the moving pieces. This puts your app on the fast track to a higher app store ranking and a sustainable growth path. 

These team members will search for new strategies and refine what you have, all while ensuring that your efforts remain consistent across languages and markets. They’ll also work with exterior third-party contractors on projects and tasks, helping you to meet stakeholder deadlines and KPIs. 

App performance is a team sport — so don’t be afraid to hire out for help as you improve your app ratings and organic downloads. 


OneSky’s Solution: Integrating ASO & SEO into Localization

Translation is a critical part to the app marketing puzzle, allowing you to communicate well with your prospects and clients. OneSky takes this task and elevates it, incorporating localized translation steps into a holistic ASO and SEO strategy that converts. 

Our experts have an intimate knowledge of the potential users in their given region of skill and language — giving them proprietary insight into user behavior, web search preferences, and the language that potential users would use to find apps like yours. 

This knowledge informs high-quality translated content that pulls users away from competing, new apps to yours, enhancing your current ASO and SEO efforts and strategy. 

These processes are all implemented and managed in a streamlined, cloud-based translation management system (or TMS) — meaning that you’ll spend less resources managing and more in the higher-level app tasks that are required for your app’s functionality. 


Success Stories of Software/SaaS Companies Using OneSky

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the game, including Airbnb, Tumblr, HubSpot, Microsoft, Journi, and Bandai-Namco — elevating their presence in the Android and Apple App Stores. 

Take Journi, for example. The travel app hit 1 million downloads and has established its presence in 80+ markets since its launch, as a result of the localization strategy and seamless TMS API that OneSky has to offer.  


Start Your Localization Journey with OneSky

ASO, mobile SEO, and localization are all vital elements to getting better metrics in the iOS and Google Play stores. Embracing a holistic strategy maximizes your value from each separate component, paving the way to your app’s global success. OneSky’s TMS and program for app devs and publishers embrace all three of these elements, connecting you to experts who can help you grow — starting now.

We offer competitive support via 1,000+ team members across 50+ languages and dialects, securing your app’s position in the global market. Connect with us online and start for free today. We’re here to help. 

Mandy Fong

Head of Sales, OneSky

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