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Best Software Translation Service For Localization

Launching your software in a foreign market is a big deal. To deliver the best user experience, get favorable reviews, improve accessibility, and minimize support requests, you must localize the software for each target market.

If you wonder, do I really need to jump through hoops to translate my software? Get this: 72% of consumers prefer to purchase products in their native language. If you want to gain a foothold in a new market and build a global audience, delivering a localized experience will give you a competitive advantage.

benefits of software localization

Sounds good so far. But how do you go about localizing your software? What are your options for software translation services?

Let’s Get Onto the Same Page: Software Translation vs. Software Localization

Software localization is the process of adapting your software to meet the needs of users who speak different languages in various geographic regions. Although translation is the main component, localization must address other factors, such as terminologies, slang and idioms, user preferences, cultural nuances, and local regulations.

When entering a foreign market, you should go beyond translation to localize the user experience. Seek a translation agency that gives you access to native speakers who are subject matter experts. They have a good grasp of the local market to ensure that your translated content is accurate and resonates with your audience.

Best Software Translation Services

Software localization is tricky. You must navigate many moving parts beyond the translation process to ensure that all the pieces come together seamlessly to deliver an outstanding user experience for customers in different locales.

For example, terms and phrases must be consistent to avoid getting users confused. Conduct robust testing to ensure that changes in text lengths don’t impact the user interface (UI). Also, use the appropriate slang, references, and even emojis to connect with users and build loyalty.

There are many translation companies and tools you can use for your localization projects. Some offer end-to-end solutions, while others put more emphasis on language translation. Here are some of the top options to meet different translation needs.

OneSky: Best Software Translation Service for End-to-end Localization

OneSky is an all-in-one localization platform. It specializes in helping brands localize their software, mobile apps, games, websites, e-commerce platforms, and more to launch in new markets. Over 3,000 companies have used OneSky to expand their global presence.

OneSky has all the necessary features to manage successful translation (e.g., translation memory, translation glossary, term base, string context, workflow automation, etc.) It can also help you evaluate localization performance, conduct testing, and track quality assurance (QA) issues.

To make it even easier to have everything done all in one place, you can get a dedicated translation manager through its managed services and access over 1,000 professional translators fluent in 50+ languages to streamline workflows.

Additionally, OneSky supports almost 40 file formats and integration with various platforms, including Android, iOS, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and more. It also offers robust translation APIs to help automate workflow for a cost-effective process.

OneSky: Best Software Translation Service for End-to-end Localization

Memsource: Best Software Translation Tool

Translation software, also called computer-aided translation (CAT) tool, helps speed up the translation process and shorten time to market. However, it doesn’t take the place of a human translator.

Some key functions of CAT tools include dividing the source text into logical segments and creating bilingual files. They also have a translation memory database that stores all the translated segments to help make the translation process faster and the outcomes more consistent over time.

Memsource integrates with over 30 machine translation engines. It uses artificial intelligence to evaluate each engine’s output and identify source text that can be translated automatically at high quality to help you reduce turnaround time and lower costs.

Memsource: Best Software Translation Tool

Lilt: Best Software Translation Service for Enterprises

Enterprises have specific needs and challenges when localizing their content for a global launch. Translating content into multiple languages and ensuring that every piece of translated copy aligns with the brand image can be challenging.

Lilt’s machine translation capabilities continuously learn from human feedback to help enterprises that need to handle large volumes of content increase translation speed and quality while keeping the cost under control.

The company also offers various localization services to help enterprises maintain a global presence. Besides translation, it provides transcreation services, multimedia services, global brand management, global journey mapping, and insights and analysis.

Lilt: Best Software Translation Service for Enterprises

Other Software Translation Services to Consider

There are many translation agencies on the market, and it’s important to pick one that can meet your specific requirements. Here are some to consider:

  • Gengo offers end-to-end translation project management and helps software companies translate various content types, including technical documentation, websites and apps, customer support materials, and AI training.
  • Babble-on gives you access to a dedicated project manager and the same group of translators throughout the engagement to ensure a high level of consistency across all your projects.
  • Besides professional translation services, Alconost supports video production and multilingual marketing. It works with various CAT tools and multiple translation management platforms to enable continuous localization.
  • Localize Lab uses technology to enhance human translation. It provides translation services for various industries and in different formats, such as software UI localization and app testing.

Localization: The Key to Unlock the Global Software Market

Translating your software into local languages and ensuring that the user experience resonates with your target audience is the key to gaining market shares in foreign countries.

A comprehensive software localization service involves more than translation. It helps you use the appropriate cultural references, graphic elements, and terminologies in the target language to appeal to local users so you can gain traction and expand your global footprint.

Besides the software UI, don’t overlook other content that’ll help you reach your target audience. These include your website, email campaigns, social media posts, and more. Working with a trusted software localization service with an experienced team can help you ensure that your content is consistent across all channels and aligns with your brand image.

That’s why we offer an end-to-end localization solution, plus access to professional translators and a dedicated translation manager, to help you meet your goals when you enter the global market.

Try OneSky for free and see how to make localization faster and easier for your software launch.

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