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Category: App Localization

Is Your App Ready to Capture the Global Christmas Boom?

  It’s Going to be an “iPad Christmas” Back in October, Apple launched the brand new iPad Air, just in time for the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. At the company’s earning announcement a few days later, CEO Tim Cook predicted that it’s going to be an “iPad Christmas”. Apple expects that the holiday quarter sales will be $55 to $58 billion, with a gross margin in the range of 36.5 percent to 37.5 percent. Jonny Evans of Computerworld

Testing Mobile Apps in New Markets

  Test the Waters without Spending a Dollar (Almost) Why do startups hesitate to go global? Two reasons come to mind. One: budgets are tight, and there’s a perception that building a multinational brand will require some serious cash. Reason number two: failure seems all too likely. Startups are risky, and it can be daunting to venture into a new market, especially one with a different culture and a different language. We don’t think these reasons are especially convincing. Stepping

Global App Store Optimization: High ROI Mobile App Marketing

Many People Forget that App Stores Are Worldwide When more than 60% of consumers find apps via app store search, high visibility in app store search results is a key to success. While everybody knows about the importance of App Store Optimization (ASO), many developers neglect a simple fact — app stores are not only local but also global distribution channels. Right now, the two largest app stores in the world, the iTunes App Store and Google Play, are available

OneSky professional translation service: 50 languages & growing!

go global

We are happy to announce that with our recent addition of Bulgarian, Croatian, Persian (Farsi), Romanian and Ukrainian, our professional translation service now covers 50 languages in total! Below are some backgrounds of the 5 languages that we have added to our professional translation service coverage.   Bulgarian – According to an estimate, Bulgarian is spoken natively by over 10 million people and is mainly spoken in Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Albania, etc. Croatian – Croatian is the official

How to Add Localized App Descriptions in Google Play

Google Play Icon

For the latest updates to localizing with Android tools, check out our coverage of Google I/O Developer Conference 2017. Localize your Google Play store listing to boost downloads Localizing the Store Listing is a great way to test your international markets before committing your full resources to localize the whole app right from the start. As mentioned in our previous blog post, the top charts of many countries are dominated by apps that offer local language support, indicating that many

OneSky professional translation services: Over 45 Languages!


We are glad to announce that we recently added our 45th language to our language combinations for our professional translation services! The newly added language is Latvian, which is spoken by approximately 79% of the population of Latvia (source: wikipedia) and is among one of the 51 languages that Google Play supports. With the addition of Latvian, clients can now order professional translation services for 45 languages on OneSky. Languages supported by OneSky professional translation services Afrikaans Arabic Bengali Catalan

Amazon has begun its expansion of the Appstore in China

Amazon Appstore

In April, Amazon announced that its Appstore would expand internationally to support nearly 200 countries and developers can submit their apps for distribution in these countries to reach millions more active Amazon customers. And it looks like Amazon has begun this expansion in China already. You can visit Amazon’s China Appstore here. If you would like to distribute apps on the Amazon Appstore, simply sign up by visiting the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal. Wondering what apps are already utilizing

China overtakes U.S. to become the top smart device market

China - the top Android & iOS smartphones and tablets market in the world

According to the data released by Flurry, China has overtaken the U.S. to become the top smart device market (in terms of the number of active iOS and Android smart device, including both smartphones and tablets) in the world. In January 2013, the number of active iOS & Android smart devices were roughly the same in China (221 million) and the U.S. (222 million). But with the much faster growth rate in China, Flurry estimated that China would surpass the U.S.

How to get better translations for your mobile apps

Tip#1 on how to get better translatinos for your mobile apps

Researches have shown that apps in most countries are dominated by apps that offer local language support (see our previous blog post on the impact of mobile app localization for more stats). So the first step to get more international users is to speak their languages by translating your apps. Getting better translations for your mobile apps is a start and can help you gain international exposure as well. But whether localization and translation can help you increase download volumes also