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OneSky offers app localization services that can translate your mobile apps into 50+ languages. Regardless of whether your app is listed on Apple Store, Google Play store, Amazon App Store, or others, we’ll translate it to your target language and make it discoverable for a multitude of international users.

Localize your mobile application to increase downloads and create meaningful interactions with your international customers in their native language.

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Our human translation service and localization process are top-notch

With smartphone penetration reaching 83.32% in 2022, the usage of mobile apps is growing rapidly. There are over 6.3 million apps available across all app stores worldwide. The only way you can stand out from this intense competition is to localize your mobile app.

Mobile app localization adjusts and adopts the user interface of your mobile app to suit the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of local markets. The localization emphasizes translating your mobile app into different foreign languages to increase user engagement and user experience. Localization can increase app downloads by up to 30%. 

Businesses often use machine translation intending to minimize translation costs and roll out apps quickly in different languages. However, they realize later that the machine translation failed to create a strong emotional connection between the app and users.

This is where human translators come in!

Human translators, unlike machine translators, don’t translate the content word-for-word. They understand your brand better and convey the meaning of the source text more precisely than machine translators.

At OneSky, we have 1000+ localization experts who can translate your app into any language you wish on demand.

Wide domain knowledge

Our professional translators have wide domain knowledge of various verticals across business sectors. No matter in which industry you operate, our professionals understand the dynamics of your target customers and translate the app to suit their sensibilities.

Technical experience

Our technical expertise is top-notch. Besides content translation skills, our localization experts have knowledge and experience in programming, application programming interface (API), user interface (UI) design, user experience (UX) design, back-end development, and project management. 


With over a decade of experience in localizing Android and iOS mobile apps related to games, music, e-commerce, education, lifestyle, TV, books, and others, we know the business dynamics of the mobile app industry better than anybody else. Our localization experts keep track of upcoming technological advancements in mobile apps, work closely with app developers and share their knowledge on app design to create a single workflow for your app development and app localization.

Approved by third-party panels

Our localization experts are highly qualified. They undergo several grade tests and third-party panel reviews before being assigned to client projects. We regularly train our localization experts to deliver high-quality translations and meet the demands of our global customers.

API integration for app projects

You can integrate your app projects with our mobile app translation management system. Here you can input the description or code repository through the web user interface and translate it into the target language. This saves time and human effort on your part in translating the text on your apps.

Support for 19 file formats

Upload files in 19 technical file formats for all popular mobile app development platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. A few popular file extensions our platform supports are .strings, .stringsdict, .plist, .xliff, .xml, .resw, and .resx.

On-device testing

Test your localized mobile application in real-time before releasing them on app stores. Our on-device testing will help you identify mistakes in translations and issues with UI/UX. Provide a seamless mobile app experience to your international app users in their native language with the help of our professional testers.

Tailored project management

Streamline your mobile app localization workflow with our tailored project management. Make the best use of the extra support we provide to complete your large-scale localization projects on time. Our team will help you set up the technical procedures for your translation project, establish communication protocols, and coordinate with translators to make your app translation process as easy as a breeze.

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Localization is Behind Nestle's Global Success

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