[New eBook] The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Game Localization

If you’re a mobile game marketer, there’s probably been a time when you looked at the reception of your game overseas, and then felt a pang of despair. Reviews were poor, or gamers weren’t showing much interest.

We understand. Without proper localization, even the best game can’t offer a full experience to gamers in other countries.

Meanwhile, localization can be hard. Fine-tuning a game to a new language, culture, and market is often a chaotic process. That’s why we’ve been working for months to put together The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Game Localization. It’s finally ready, and you can download a copy for free here.

The guide is a 29-page eBook. It covers all the steps in a mobile game localization project, from planning to programming. Follow its advice, and you’ll be on your way to painless localization.

The eBook is broken up into three sections:

1. Planning Your Project

In the first section, we’ll show you how to lay the groundwork for a localization campaign. You’ll learn how to identify promising markets, choose target languages, and select the optimal translation approach for your particular needs.

Learn the ROI of mobile game localization

2. Making Your Game Localization-Ready

This section walks you through the coding necessary for a localization project. We explain string wrapping, which makes your game’s code compatible with localization. This section also includes some tips that will make the string wrapping process much, much easier.

Learn how to wrap strings in a global-grammar-friendly way

3. Preparing Reference Material

In the final section, we explain how to prepare reference material for translators. This is a key step, and many game studios overlook it. But if you don’t give enough context to your translators, you’ll often run into serious localization issues further down the line. We’ll give you a checklist that will help you provide translators exactly what they need.

How to prepare a translation style guide

How to prepare a translation style guide

Download the eBook now:

mobile game localization ebook download

About OneSky

OneSky provides seamless end-to-end localization solutions for thousands of mobile apps, games, websites, and businesses worldwide. We offer professional translation services in 50+ languages and a translation management system (TMS) with API integrations and plugins to streamline your workflow. We hire and carefully screen our own translators to ensure the highest control over quality. Using OneSky’s powerful QA features, cross-functional teams collaborate efficiently to deliver faster release cycles and higher quality translations. See how you can go global at www.oneskyapp.com

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