App Localization ROI: What the Numbers Reveal


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The global app market is now worth $44.8 billion; this number is expected to double by 2020. With mobile-first and mobile-only markets emerging around the world, it has never been more tempting to launch your app on the international market.  With tools that save up to 50% cost and strategies that allow you to test a market for $20 USD, it’s never been easier to go global.

Our newest research looks at the key trends in app localization, so you can dig deep into why, when, and how you should consider localization.

A preview of our data:


Read our free report to learn:

  • Localization trends data across app categories: how many of your competitors have localized and what were the effects
  • Direct & indirect ROI of going global: how much do you improve our odds of getting featured in the App Store after localizing? How can you leverage this as a tool for growth?
  • Popular strategies and how to implement them: what are the tried-and-true tactics of localizing well?


About OneSky

OneSky provides seamless end-to-end localization solutions for thousands of mobile apps, games, websites, and businesses worldwide. We offer professional translation services in 50+ languages and a translation management system (TMS) with API integrations and plugins to streamline your workflow. We hire and carefully screen our own translators to ensure the highest control over quality. Using OneSky’s powerful QA features, cross-functional teams collaborate efficiently to deliver faster release cycles and higher quality translations. See how you can go global at

Kerri Lu

Kerri Lu is a marketer at OneSky. She loves to read and write about tech, and is excited to share localization insights on this blog and @TheKerriLu. Outside of work, she's a big believer in public transportation, fresh produce, and WhatsApp voice messages.

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  4. Yes, ranking better at the local App Stores encourages more sign ups from users, who are not fluent in English and can ultimately help you generate more revenues.

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