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Stand out on the Google Play store with our Android app localization services

The Google Play store is the world’s largest app store with over 3.5 million downloadable apps for Android users. On average, 3739 apps are added to the Play store every day.

Factors such as the increasing penetration of smartphones and the ever-growing quest of users to consume different kinds of content are resulting in a large number of mobile app downloads from app stores. For instance, Android users have downloaded over 111.3 billion mobile apps in 2021, up from 55 billion in 2016, from the Play store.

Since 90% of users prefer using iOS and Android apps in their native language, businesses should consider translating their apps from the default language to different languages, which include English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, German, and others.

Android app localization is a method of customizing and refining the Android app’s user interface so that it will appeal to different locales. Localization service providers will consider aspects such as cultural preferences, linguistics, and values of the local markets while localizing the app.

Wide domain knowledge

We have wide domain knowledge in app localization. Our experts have worked with businesses of diverse sectors to translate their apps to over 50 languages. No matter what industry you operate in, we’ll help you translate the content and optimize the UI of your app to enhance user experience. 

Technical experience

Refine the technical aspects of your app to meet the expectations of your international users. With years of experience in app development and programming languages such as Kotlin and Java, our localization experts can easily adjust the color palettes, fonts, date and time formats, text, audio files, layout height, layout width, numbers, currency, and graphics of your Android app to meet the requirements of international users. 


Leverage our industry knowledge to stay ahead of the curve when localizing Android apps. By keeping a close eye on the latest happenings and future trends in the mobile application industry, our professional translation experts will be able to add new features that help your app stand out from the competition in regional markets.

Approved by third-party panels

Quality output comes from qualified resources. We have over 1,000 localization experts who have undergone grading tests and third-party panel reviews to prove their competencies. We also follow a rigorous application screening process that enables us to hire only qualified localization experts.

Support for 19 file formats

OneSky supports 19 file formats, including .strings, .stringsdict, .plist, .xliff, .xml, .resw, and .resx for app localization. Since OneSky does not have an Android API integration, you only need to upload the input file through the web UI in Android XML file (.xml) format to kickstart the app localization process.

On-device testing

Ensure your app is running as per the specifications before releasing it on Google Play store. With our on-device testing functionality, you can assess how your translated app is working to enhance the user experience. Test your translations on actual devices to ensure there are no issues with UI, app layout, fonts, and colors.

Tailored project management

Is your localization project too big to handle? Don’t worry! We have a tailored project management process in place to handle any type of localization project workflow. Our team will coordinate with you to create a project plan, develop project specifications, establish communication procedures, and provide extra support when needed.

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