[Technical Tutorial] How To Localize Your Android App

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Today, we’re excited to launch Part 2 of our free Localization Academy tutorials: a technical tutorial on localizing your Android app. 

Our Localization Academy tutorials are a roundup of the best tips we’ve learned from helping thousands of companies set up internationalization, translation workflows, and internal infrastructure over the years.

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Why Localize Your Android App?

Since we first published our iOS Localization Tutorial, the positive feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming.

Our initial hypothesis, and the motivation behind starting OneSky Academy as a learning hub, proved true—there is a wide knowledge gap in the field of localization. As a result, app developers might miss global market opportunities because of a lack of technical knowledge.

With Android dominating 86% of smartphones worldwide and more than 2.6 million apps on Google Play, it’s never a better time to tap into the global Android app market.

We hope our new 3-part Android Localization Tutorial will prepare app developers and engineers everywhere with the resources to become technical localization experts.

What’s Inside?

Complete with sample code files ready for download, the free tutorial will guide you through:

  • Localizing .xml strings from scratch
  • Formatting plural and gender forms
  • Best practices in internationalization (i18n)

We strive to continue providing our community of readers with resources and best practices on all aspects of going global. If you have any other topics you think we should cover, we’d love to hear your feedback! Leave us a comment or email us at content@oneskyapp.com.

Next Up: Website Localization Tutorial

Curious about how to localize your website? Leave us your contact info on the form in Localization Academy and we’ll notify you by email when we launch our next tutorial.

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Kerri Lu

Kerri Lu is a marketer at OneSky. She loves to read and write about tech, and is excited to share localization insights on this blog and @TheKerriLu. Outside of work, she's a big believer in public transportation, fresh produce, and WhatsApp voice messages.

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