Amazon has begun its expansion of the Appstore in China

In April, Amazon announced that its Appstore would expand internationally to support nearly 200 countries and developers can submit their apps for distribution in these countries to reach millions more active Amazon customers. And it looks like Amazon has begun this expansion in China already. You can visit Amazon’s China Appstore here.

If you would like to distribute apps on the Amazon Appstore, simply sign up by visiting the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal.

Wondering what apps are already utilizing the Amazon’s China Appstore and what apps are popular there? App Annie, a mobile app analytics company, has recently added China to their Store Stats ranking for Amazon. There, you would be able to view the top free apps and top paid apps for China on the Amazon’s Appstore.

Amazon Appstore in China

Translating your apps is important to success in China

As discussed in a previous blog post on the effect of localization, mobile apps users in China have a strong preference for their local language (Simplified Chinese). So a key to success for your mobile apps to enter the China market is to translate your apps.

By looking at the chart below that summarizes the importance of localization in different countries, you can see that in many countries, the app top charts are dominated by apps that offer local language support. This applies to both free downloads and revenues generated by apps.

For instance, close to 70% of free downloads in China are from apps that support Simplified Chinese. And if you look at the revenue side, the effect is more prominent – approximately 80% of revenue generated in China are from apps that support Simplified Chinese.


The importance of localizing your apps in different countries


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    […] looking at the high-growth market of China, where it recently opened the Appstore. Now consumers in China will have access to third-party apps being sold by developers through Amazon’s Appstore. Amazon already sells digital content through Kindle Stores in China. But given China’s […]

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