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Introducing Our Localization Onboarding Guides


We’ll be the first to admit it: localization can be a tricky process. With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of clients take their apps, games, and companies global. We’ve learned one thing for sure: it doesn’t have to be complicated. Localization is not an impossible task. To show we really mean this, our Customer Success team has created 2 new Onboarding Guides. These will help users

We’re making changes to our Translation Management System (TMS) plans

Today, we are rolling out new plans for our OneSky Translation Management System (TMS). An advanced management platform, our TMS is the ideal solution for projects involving multiple collaborators. To better serve the growing demand and our clients’ diverse needs, we are expanding the number of available plans and adjusting the pricing. Our new plans start from 10 collaborators for $89/month, to 50 for $299/month, billed annually. Custom plans are available as well.  To learn more about our new plans, please

Introducing App Marketing Stack

We’re excited to introduce a new website of ours: App Marketing Stack. It’s a curated directory of tools and resources on app marketing and mobile growth, and you’re going to love it. “But wait,” you wonder, “I’m going to love it? I’m not even sure I need it!” In this blog post, we’ll explain the importance of mobile growth, what the Mobile Growth Stack is, and how our website enables you to use that tool to make it so much easier

Introduction to Translation Memory

A growing project will become more difficult to maintain consistency with more people involving in Translation Memory (TM). It becomes more important for translators to refer to the previous translations in order to keep the consistency across the whole project. OneSky launched a new feature for managing translation memory sets, which support Translation Memory eXchange (tmx) files. Feel free to contact us if you have other file formats that you would like us to support. The imported translation memory sets

Introducing New Translation Tool

OneSky cares about the productivity and happiness of our translators. We launched a brand new translation tool with a bunch of improvements according from the feedbacks from the translators. The new tool helps the translators to do their jobs in a much easier way providing better quality too. Here are some of the major improvements: Clean interface The translators may need to work on a translation for hours. The new interface is designed to focus more on the “translate” action and show the

Customize Locale Values

How You Can Now Customize Locale Values OneSky applies ISO639-1 as the standard locale code for consistency purpose. We found that there are different standards for different platforms. We’ll still keep the standard in order to help the users, who are not familiar with the localization flow. We’d like to introduce a new feature for experienced Localization Managers to customize the locale values for any languages needed. This allows the team to work with the flow with their own practice and own

Freshdesk & OneSky Make Multilingual Knowledge Base Easy

Why are Freshdesk and OneSky joining forces? The answer is simple, we want to make multilingual knowledge base easy for everyone. OneSky, a fast growing translation management platform, and Freshdesk, a leading provider of customer support software in the SaaS market, have teamed up to bring multilingual knowledge base capabilities to more than 20,000 Freshdesk customers across the world. The partnership promises to give help desks and support staff the ability to professionally translate their knowledge base articles on Freshdesk directly from OneSky platform, leveraging its