The Project Manager’s Guide to Improving Localization Quality

Don’t just localize. Localize well.

When it comes to localization, quality matters—a lot. Global users won’t flock to a localized app just because it’s available in their native tongue. If the translation is shoddy, the app will seem silly and unprofessional, at best. At worst, it can come across as disrespectful, or even offensive.

Right now, we live in an era of bad translations. Machine translators such as Google and Bing simply don’t produce coherent content. And even small mistakes in a professional, human-made translation can lead users to dismiss the entire thing as a second-rate, machine-translated project. Overall, more than one third of global app users report that they’ve experienced bad app localization.

Only good localization is actually useful in fostering growth. That’s why we’ve been working to put together The Project Manager’s Guide to Improving Localization Quality. It’s finally ready, and you can download a copy for free here.

The guide is a 32-page guide. It covers all the steps in a , from planning to programming.
Follow its advice, and you’ll be on your way to painless localization.

The guide is broken up into five sections:

1. Understanding translation quality

In the first section, we’ll teach you the basic concepts of translation quality, including how to measure it in order to make your localization better.

2. Pre-translation

Following that, we will guide you all the necessary steps, from creating translation glossary to making a translation style guide, what are required for the best quality before kickstarting a translation project.

3. During translation

This section walks you through how to enhance translation quality when the translation is on going. For instance, how to communicate better with your translators to increase quality.

4. Post-translation

After the translation is done, what can you do to polish the translation even better? This section will show you what to do, such as reviewing, test driving and so on.

5. Translation automation

In the final section, we explain how Translation Management System (TMS) can smoothen your translation process and enhance translation quality.

This eBook is suitable for…

  • Project managers who oversee localization and international growth for their teams
  • Anyone who’s considering including translation or localization in their company’s growth strategy.

Download the eBook now!

Happy reading!

Patrick Yip

Patrick Yip is the former Head of Marketing at OneSky. Heavily attracted to any brilliant growth strategy, well-crafted content and the idea of making the Internet globally accessible.

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