Translation API

Translation API

How OneSky’s translation API doubles localization efficiency

How useful is OneSky’s translation API?

Whether you’re translating a mobile app app or a large amount of text, speed and accuracy are no doubt in your top priorities. Powerful tools like a good translation management system paired with APIs for an automated localization workflow will , cut both human effort and cost.

Here are some ways that our OneSky APIs will help speed up your translation process without leaving your development environment:

1. Get Started, Upload Files Directly, and Place an Order

Our APIs allow you to create a project and upload text files directly from your development environment into our online platform. When you’re ready, place an order for professional translations by our expert translators with our Order API, or let your own translators begin their work right away on our online platform.

2. Automatically Upload Changes to Base Language

If you updated any of your original text, (i.e. changing a word from “Enter” to “Submit”), you can integrate GitHub with your build process to detect the changes in your text, package the build, then directly upload these new files onto the OneSky platform—all through our translation API!

3. Schedule Downloading of Completed Translations

Easily export your translations from the platform into your development environment using our Export API. Set up a cron job to programmatically export completed translations (i.e. every weekday at 1am).

Learn more about our translation API

Our API specs can be found here. We also have Xcode, Eclipse, and other plugins that do all of the above with just one click.

OneSky will take you from development to release in no time. See our translation management platform and APIs in action yourself by signing up
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