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OneSky’s Translation Management Platform now supports the iOS 11 App Store

Since iOS 11 was launched in September with a refreshed app store, we have been working hard to make sure that the OneSky platform can support all the relevant changes. We are excited to announce that the updates to our translation management platform has been completed, and you can continue to seamlessly localize your new app descriptions with OneSky!

What updates were included OneSky Platform (for iOS 11 app store)?

  • The ‘Subtitle’ field is now available. You can enter up to 30 characters in this box. An example of a subtitle may be your app’s tagline.
  • The ‘Promotional text’ field is now available. With a 170 characters limit, you may consider highlighting any special promotion in this field.
  • The ‘App Name’ is now restricted to 30 characters. If your app’s name is longer than that, you may consider updating it.

Easily localize your app descriptions with us

1. First, login to our platform and search your app by keywords. Our system will then automatically import the app description. Alternatively, you can also manually input the app description that needs to be localized.

ios 11 create project

2. On the next page, you will then see the required fields that need be filled in. Here, you will find the new ‘Subtitle’ and ‘Promotional text’ fields!

ios 11 app description

Tips: Adding notes next to the field could facilitate communication with translators, and hence, enhance translation quality.

Don’t forget to localize your App Preview Too

The new iOS 11 app store enables you to localize app previews for the app store in all languages. Don’t miss out on this! App previews autoplay with muted audio when someone visits your product page. Make sure the first few seconds of the app previews are visually compelling and fully localized, so the viewers can relate to the app immediately. Having an app preview could greatly increase the visibility of your app in the app store and also conversion rate.

Interested in learning all major changes on iOS 11 related to localization? Check out our blog post – Going Global With iOS 11: WWDC 2017 Localization Updates.

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About OneSky 

OneSky provides seamless end-to-end localization solutions for thousands of mobile apps, games, websites, and businesses worldwide. We offer professional translation services in 50+ languages and a translation management system (TMS) with API integrations and plugins to streamline your workflow. We hire and carefully screen our own translators to ensure the highest control over quality. Using OneSky’s powerful QA features, cross-functional teams collaborate efficiently to deliver faster release cycles and higher quality translations. See how you can go global at 

Localization – a way to become a featured app on iTunes

You are a small team of developers and wondering how your app can beat those top developers’ apps and appear on iTunes App Store as a featured app? Carrot, a new productivity app that just got into the featured list, may have some insights for you.

Carrot, developed by Hong Kong startup Innopage, is an app where you can track and reward yourself for achieving your life’s to-do, goals and endeavors. Just like many of the developers out there, the next thing to do after shipping your app is to think of ways to attract more downloads and to climb up the different country top charts.


Downloads increased by 800% after localization


After reading researches showing that a lot of country top charts are dominated by apps that support the local language, Innopage decided that localization was the way to go to capture more international downloads. To begin with, they translated their app into 6 languages other than English, including French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

The result was very encouraging, just a few days after adding the above translation, downloads increased by 800% and the overall rankings in the above countries jumped significantly.


Became a featured app on iTunes after localization


Localization did not only help Carrot increase its downloads. Just a few days after adding the localized versions, Carrot became a featured app in iTunes App Store for 48 countries!

App featured on iTunes after localization

Keith Li, the CEO of Innopage, said “I will imagine that we, as a very small team based out of Hong Kong, wouldn’t be possible to get featured worldwide unless we do all those translations”.


Translating your app is easy with OneSky


Keith mentioned that the whole translation process was much easier than he expected. Using OneSky, all he needed to do was to upload his .strings files, choose the languages and our system would automatically parse the file to extract the human readable text and send them out for translation. With OneSky, you can forget about all the time-consuming file format conversions and you don’t have to worry whether the translators can handle those complicated code files.


auto-parsing of resource files


“Another reason why we like OneSky is that there are many built-in features that help ensure translation quality. For examples, I can create a list of glossary terms and attach screenshots to provide more guidelines to translators. There is also an automatic placeholder validation system to ensure our translation contains no missing / misspelled placeholders. And the platform makes it very easy for me to communicate with the translators to clarify issues,” said Keith.

The whole translation process took less than 2 days to finish and Innopage could simply download the completed translation in ready-to-use resource files format and plug them into their app directly.

 With this promising result, Innopage is now planning to translate their app into more languages. Love the app and would like it to be translated into your language as well? Send us an email at and we will forward your voice to them!

More about Innopage

Innopage ( is a multi-award winning, fast growing and leading Mobile Applications Developer specialized in iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Smart TV applications development.

Innopage is a member of Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Programme, and had received support from Hong Kong government’s Innovation and Technology Fund.


More about OneSky

OneSky ( is a cloud-based translation management platform with the mission to become the easiest way for companies to go global. We offer advanced technology to streamline the localization process for websites, mobile apps, softwares, social media & documents.

  • Professional translation service for 40+ languages

  • Manage your own translators & collaborate easily with our web-based translation editor

  • Crowdsourcing solutions to engage your users in the localization process

Translation made easy – our simple yet powerful promise to you. Contact us at for more info.

4 tips on how to prepare strings for localization

4 tips for developers on preparing strings for localization


You do not need to know many (or any) foreign languages in order to be a localization engineer. But you do need to know how you can prepare your strings better to facilitate the whole localization process.

Below are four simple tips that could lead to a better translation quality while at the same time making both your life and translators’ lives better (I believe you wouldn’t want your inbox to be flooded with questions from translators or your codes to crash when the translation comes back).

* If you are completely new to the area of localizing applications, you can check out our simple localization tutorials first.


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China is the Fastest Growing iOS & Android Market


According to a report released by Flurry, between October 2011 and October 2012, China experienced an impressive 293% growth in number of active devices in the country, making it the fastest growing iOS and Android market by active devices.

Flurry predicted that with this impressive growth, China will overtake the U.S. by the end of 2013 Q1 to become the top country with the greatest number of active iOs and Android devices.


China - The fastest growing iOS & Android market by active devices



According to the Oct 2012 figures, although the U.S. is still the top country with the greatest number of active iOS and Android devices with a total of 181 millions of active iOS and Android devices. China is just 14 millions behind and the gap will soon be closed with the impressive growth of active devices in China.

In fact, while there has been 55 millions net active devices added in the U.S. since October 2011, there has been 125 millions net active devices added in China for the same period.


Want to get a share of the thriving market in China?
Localization your app is the key to success!

As mentioned in our previous blog post, users in China demonstrate  a very strong preference for local language (Simplified Chinese). According to the statistics by released by Distimo, nearly 70% of all free downloads and closed to 80% of all revenues generated in China are from apps that offer local language support.


Therefore, localizing your apps into Simplified Chinese is a key to success if you want to get a share of the booming app market in China.

Translating your apps can be easy with OneSky, see how.



Ready for the growth of app downloads this year?


According to a report by Flurry, iOS and Android apps generally experience much higher downloads during Christmas, thanks to the massive number of smartphones and tablets given out as christmas gifts. This year, recent releases like iPhone 5, Galaxy Note II and Google Nexus are probably on the christmas wishlist of millions.

According to the statistics released by Flurry, there were 6.8 million new devices activated alone on Christmas Day of last year. This represents a 353% increase when comparing to the average daily device activation of the first 20 days of December.


With the massive increase in device activation during Christmas, there is no doubt that app downloads would skyrocket as well. (wouldn’t you want  to download apps right away after getting your new device?)
According to the statistics by Flurry, app downloads experienced a 125% increase on Christmas last year.

Localize your app to reach more users during the Christmas boom

Christmas is a very international festival that is celebrated in many countries around the world. So in order to reach more users globally during the Christmas season for app downloads, localize your app could be a strategy to consider!

As mentioned in our previous blog post, localized apps are often the apps that dominate the top charts of many non-English speaking countries, especially in top countries like Japan, Korea, China, Germany and France. Translate your apps now before it’s too late to capture the gigantic growth in app downloads during  the Christmas period!

Translating your apps can be easy with OneSky, see how.