Website Localization Services: Key Benefits for Businesses

What is website localization?

The Internet has changed the way businesses operate. It erased boundaries between countries and enabled enterprises to cater to the needs of people regardless of where they are in the world and what language they speak.

Having a website with optimized content will help organizations reach their target customers worldwide.

However, the main question is in which language the content should be.

Nearly 60% of online shoppers in Europe, Asia and South America rarely or never buy products or services from English-only websites. Over 76% of internet users prefer purchasing products from websites that provide product information in their native language.

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From these statistics, it is evident that if you restrict your website only to the English language, you may be losing an opportunity to reach people who speak other major foreign languages such as Chinese, German, Russian, and so on.

You should create a multilingual website that allows your potential customers to access it in their native language.

This is where the concept of website localization comes in!

Website localization is not just a mere translation of words into another language. It involves a more holistic approach in which the website content, user interface, pictures, multimedia, layouts, navigations, and symbols are adapted to meet the cultural norms, sensibilities, tastes, and sensitivities of your local customers.

This article explores the benefits of website localization services to businesses of all types.

Key Benefits of Website Translation Services

Website localization services offer many benefits to businesses. Let’s look at some of the benefits below: 

Accurate Translation

There are two methods a website translation provider adopts to translate the website: machine translation and human translation.

  • Machine translation: Machine translation is a process of engaging artificial intelligence (AI) tools to translate the website content into the desired target language.
  • Human translation: Human translation uses professional translators to translate the website content manually.

Machine translation may quickly translate your website into different languages, but it will fail to create an emotional connection between your website and its target customers.

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Human translators are capable of translating business-specific jargon, critical data, and complex sentences in a way the local people understand easily. No matter which local language you choose, human translators can translate your website in such a way that it accurately reflects your brand identity and resonates with the local target markets.

This is why human translation always outscores machine translation.

So you should choose a localization service provider that promises to deploy only human translators for your website translation project.

For instance, OneSky has 1000+ professional translators who can translate your website into any target language you want. It ensures the localization experts undergo regular training, grade tests, and third-party reviews before being assigned to projects.

Multilingual for Your Customers

Do you know 46% of the top 50 e-commerce giants now support four or more languages? It means they are multilingual for their customers.

The main benefits of multilingual websites are reduced bounce rates, improved brand image, customer-centric interactions, international search engine optimization, and increased conversion rates.

A website localization service provider can make your website multilingual by translating it into different foreign languages such as English, Chinese, German, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, French, Italian, Brazilian, Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese. A multilingual website can help you engage with your target audience in meaningful conversations and build their trust.

Boost Revenue

The revenue of the website depends on two vital aspects: customer experience and conversion rate.

  • Customer experience: Customer experience (CX) refers to how customers perceive a brand throughout their buying journey. By presenting the information in a language the customer prefers, websites can significantly improve customer experiences.  Companies that focus on enhancing the customer experience have reported an 80% increase in their revenues.
  • Conversion rate: Conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors to the website that takes the desired action. The localization of product pages, landing pages, and ads result in a 20% increase in conversions. The increase in conversions leads to higher revenue.

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It means the website translation services will boost your revenues by localizing your website to a foreign language in which your target customers speak.  

SEO Benefits

Website localization results in more organic traffic for both business and e-commerce websites for the following reasons:

  • Better search engine visibility: Since localization allows you to target keywords your competition isn’t ranking for, your website will have a better chance to appear on the first few search results on search engines. 
  • New traffic stream of users: Website localization enables businesses to target a whole new set of keyword combinations that drive a new traffic stream of users who search for your products or services in their native language.
  • More backlinks: A backlink is a hyperlink created on someone’s website, pointing it toward your website. The translation of content on your website will enable readers of other languages to find it, read it, share it, and create backlinks to it. This will significantly boost the search engine rankings of your website.

It means enterprises can leverage their search engine optimization (SEO) techniques with the help of website localization services to draw huge organic traffic to their websites and generate qualified leads.

Broaden Your Customer Base with OneSky

Website localization results in better search engine visibility for your business and increases your revenues.

OneSky is a leading localization tool that offers a range of services including, website localization, software localization, and video game localization. OneSky has become a preferred localization partner for businesses across verticals for the following reasons:

  • 50+ languages across 70 countries: We can translate your website into 50+ languages across 70 countries worldwide with the help of native-speaking translators, a robust localization platform, and on-device testing. Establish the credibility of your business in the global market by reaching your target customers in their native language and enhancing their user experience.
  • Translation project management: Automate your translation process with the help of our robust translation project management platform to minimize the bottlenecks. Automation is vital for the quick completion of the project, especially when multiple teams are involved in the website localization process. This ensures the localization project unfolds itself through various stages of localization such as development, translation, editing, proofreading, and publishing, without requiring the localization manager to move files from one location.
  • 19 file formats: Our platform supports 19 file formats for website translation. A few popular file extensions our platform supports are .html, .htm, .xml, .xlf, .xliff, .yml, .yaml, .json, .php, and many more. It also supports document formats such as .csv, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt, .pptx, .rtf, .pptx, .xls, and .xlsx.
  • Direct communication: Interact with translators directly on our translation management platform with a click of a button. Ask questions, provide context for your translations, and receive updates on the progress of the project at any time, from anywhere.
  • Technical validation: Worried about placeholder inconsistencies in the translated content while importing it back into your website? Don’t worry! Our automation validation system ensures there are no missing placeholders in the translated text.

Get started for free with OneSky to learn more about how it can help you localize websites into 50+ languages. Localize your website to boost its SEO rankings and generate higher revenues.

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