3 Ways To Get Daily Localization Insights on Twitter


Twitter is definitely one of our best friends to stay connected with our networks and keep abreast of the latest trends on topics we are interested in. Localization might seems a niche topic at first glance, but there are still lots of gems on twitter that can “tweet” you inspirations everyday. Here we have prepared a quick list of industry insiders, from thought leaders, insightful good-read channels to translator community. No matter if you are newbie or experienced practitioners, get ready for the flow of distinctive insights!

1. Follow The Thought Leaders

John Yunker


Editor of the popular globalization blog Global by Design, Co-founder of Byte Level Research, Experienced consultant for Fortune 500 global websites, all these titles define Yunker’s authoritative status in the industry. Follow him for first hand update on his blogs, researches and personal pick of localization insights.

Donna Parrish


Being the publisher of the leading magazine in the language industry MultiLingual and co-organizer of the Localization World conferences, Donna upholds comprehensive exposure on market practices and development.  She tweets a lot on lessons drawn from case studies around the world, valuable resources for both localizers and language services provider.

Ultan Ó Broin


O’Broin has over 20 years of experience and knowledge on localization issue with a specialty on user experience (UX) and technical aspects . He is now working as the Global Applications User Experience Director with Oracle, follow him to peep into an experienced veteran’s daily journey and keep up with the market tech trend. Check out his shares on multilingual blog & slide share for more comprehensive and in-depth analysis.

2. Subscribe to Latest Industry News

Common Sense Advisory


A well-trusted independent research company which publishes market analysis in the language and localization industry. Daily tweets on successful market practices and also updates in their blogs. Highlight goes to those written by their founder Donald A. DePalma who has 30 years of experience in the field.

Localization News


Nicely curated localization news channel on Twitter. Frequent tweet updates of articles from both renowned influencers and individual bloggers, a good mix between big picture and interesting side stories in the industry. Don’t forget to follow the hashtag #L10Ntweets as well, there might be more interesting stories missed by the editor!

3. Get To Know About The Translation World



Translators are our very close partners in localization. The better we know about their practices and concerns, the more likely we can obtain the desired translation results. Proz.com is an online translation marketplace with over 300,000 engaged translation-providers, they definitely know them well. Tweets often cover tips from translation practices, translator selection, collaboration management to tool evaluation, a true insider guide to improve translation efficiency.

Food for translators


How to judge the quality of your translation? What are the tricks and considerations when translating in different contexts? How to cater the target audiences better? This platform offers answers to all sorts of tip helping translators to get the job done in good shape. Sound inputs for localizers to review on the quality assurance process.

For more quick guide to obtain localization insights? Stay tuned with our blog!

Vincent Chan

Vincent Chan is the Head of Product at OneSky, focused on making the best localization product possible.

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