Preferred translators – a way to ensure consistency for your translations

Ensuring consistency in your translations is important. Having different translations for the same term at different places on your websites or in your mobile apps might not only confuse users, but might also make your apps or websites look unprofessional.

One way to ensure consistency is to set a glossary for your project. Another easier way  is to use the same translator to handle all the translations for the same project. This way, not only the choice of words could be kept consistent, the tone and style of your translations would be more consistent as well.

Historically, OneSky would often try to allocate jobs from the same client to the same translator for consistency purpose. But sometimes it was hard for us to decide for the clients whether we should assign the job to the same translator (which might lengthen the time needed to complete the translation as that translator might be handling another job at that moment) or the fastest translator because for some clients, speed of delivery might be more important than consistency.

In view of the above, we have added a feature where clients can now indicate their preferences on whether to use the “preferred translator” or the “fastest translator” at checkouts.


preferred translators


A “preferred translator” is the translator who has translated the most number of words for your projects previously.  If you choose to use the “preferred translator”, it might lengthen the turnaround time required to complete your translations (as your preferred translator might be handling other jobs at the moment). But as mentioned, this could often help to ensure the consistency of your translations.

If your deadline is really tight, you can select to use the “fastest translator” instead of your “preferred translator” and we will assign the job to the translator who would be able to start your job the soonest.

Sometimes, you might see the same estimated turnaround time for both “preferred translator” and “fastest translator”. It means your preferred translator is in fact the fastest translator already. So hurray! Both consistency and speed could be achieved and there will be no trade-offs 🙂





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