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Mastering Internationalization in Mobile App Development: A Guide to Going Global

Did you know? An app that fails to localize for a local audience can lose up to 13% of its users immediately. While many take this statistic as a call to prioritize localization in...


Breaking Global Barriers: The Crucial Role of Business Document Translation with OneSky

Globalization of business has opened up new areas of opportunity for industry leaders, empowering many to expand their customer base and boost profitability—something only made possible by the diverse talent that’s available on a...

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Expanding Global E-Commerce: Key Features to Seek in a Translation Platform with OneSky

E-commerce sales boomed as the pandemic started—and the field is still seeing a rapid rate of growth into 2023. E-commerce as an industry is expected to grow 10.4% this year alone, taking an estimated...

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Unlocking Global Gaming Success: How to Choose the Right Game Localization Service

Game localization services are critical to your successful global expansion. The question? How do you choose the right agency for your needs?  OneSky is the leading localization agency for game creators and developers. We’ve...

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