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Flutter Internationalization: A Guide to Global Reach

Winner of several Google investment checks and titled the most popular mobile framework yet, Flutter is making waves in the internationalization and app dev space. It’s garnered over 154,000 stars on GitHub per LeanCode,...


Mastering Localization in React Apps: A Guide

Localization is the best way to help your app stand out on the global app market — but why?  The service transforms your initial product offering into a tailored experience for residents of a...


Navigating Angular: Key Internationalization Examples for Apps

Did you know? Experts estimate that internationalization boosts your app’s revenue by 26% It also paves the way to quality localization steps, which can boost that value by an additional 78% in certain contexts. ...


Global Success Stories: Top App Store Localization Examples

Did you know? 50% of the countries in the Top 10 list for downloads and revenue in the iOS App Store were non-English speaking countries located in Europe and Asia. Additionally, localized apps showed...

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