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Right-to-Left (RTL) Localization: What You Need To Know

What Is Right-to-Left (RTL) Localization? Right-to-left (otherwise known as RTL) localization is a specific type of optimization that focuses on RTL languages—such as Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi or Persian. These languages require different types of...

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Globalization vs Internationalization vs Localization: What Is the Difference?

Defining Globalization, Internationalization, and Localization Did you know? These three definitions can determine your potential longevity and success in business. Understanding how to use the concepts of globalization, internationalization and localization is essential to...

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Why Localization is Critical for Global Businesses

What is localization? Localization is the process that products undergo to be more appealing to the native audience of any region. Your localization process will acknowledge all of the cultural and preferential elements of...

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What is Back Translation, and When Should You Use It?

What is Back Translation? Otherwise known as reverse translation, back translation is a method of quality assurance that helps corporations and industry leaders produce high-quality and accurate translations for their assets of choice. This...

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Language Localization: Definition, Relevance, and Best Practices

What is Language Localization? Today, we’re finally answering the question: What is localization anyway? And is it really worth it?  Simply put, language localization spans all forward- or public-facing content, adopting a certain set...

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7 Key Steps in the Website Localization Process

What is website localization? The website localization process is a series of steps that are taken to translate your content formats into the most accurate and native language possible for your target audience. It’s...

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