Support 30+ popular file formats

We support 30+ popular file formats including .strings, .xml, .yml, .po, .xls, etc. Manage the translations for your mobile apps, websites, softwares, social media and documents, all in one platform!

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Full translation history

Our system stores all your past translations and you can snapshot a version at any time as back-up. Never worry about losing any translation history.

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Clear reporting of translation progress

A rich dashboard that details the progress of your translation projects. View statistics such as percentage of words translated vs. approved easily.

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You can set your preferences so that our system will notify you when changes are made to your projects, e.g. new strings added, translations ready for review, etc.

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Invite collaborators easily

Simply invite your collaborators via email or by sharing the link to your platform, so you and your collaborators can start translating immediately using our online translation tool. Now you can collaborate in teams to make sure all translation projects run smoothly and efficiently.

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Set roles for collaborators

You can assign different roles such as admin, moderator, reviewer, translator to your collaborators, so that you will have more control of your projects when it comes to managing strings and reviewing translation.

Easy communication tools

Broadcasting at project level, commenting on string level, private messages to individual translators, etc. Our communication tools allow your translation team to communicate and exchange ideas easily to enhance the quality of translation.

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Voting mechanism

Collaborators can suggest multiple translations to ensure it meets the set requirements and provide the right translation for you. Your team can then vote for the most precise and accurate translation.

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Easy monitoring

Detailed profile for each collaborator, so you can keep track of their contribution easily. Gamification in place to serve as incentives!


Web-based editor

Simply upload your resource files and our translation management software will parse the files automatically to break them down into individual strings. Your collaborators can then translate online easily with our advanced features that help to enhance productivity and quality.

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Highlighted placeholders and tags

Placeholders and tags are detected automatically and highlighted for easier handling. To save time, a collaborator simply needs to click on a placeholder to include that in the translation.

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Set up your own glossary and style guide to ensure translations are consistent and follow your company’s style. Glossary terms would be automatically highlighted with suggested translation in the translator interface.

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Auto-parsing of resource files

Simply upload your resource files and our system can automatically parse your files into readable strings. No more time-consuming manual file format conversions, so you can automate your workflow easily too. See the complete list of our supported formats here.

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Our API allows you to integrate with your existing content management systems and development tools to automate the the workflow.

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Auto-detection of new / updated strings

For subsequent updates, simply import your resource files again and our system can auto-detect what are new. Never translate the same thing twice!

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Whether you’d like to translate your UI text, app descriptions, helpdesk articles, etc., our integrated solutions make it easy to import your text and export your translation. Popular integrations include iTunes, Google Play, Zendesk, etc.

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Private plans start at $89/mo.
See which pricing plan works best for you.

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