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One tricky thing about website & mobile app translation is that it often involves translating strings that contain short phrases. If there aren’t enough context given to the translators, contextual translation errors often arise. For example, does “support” mean “support service” or “showing support like a fan”?

Provide More Context by Attaching Screenshots

OneSky’s translation management enables you to attach screenshots and tag them to specific phrases in order to provide more context for translators.

For example, if the word “support” is from your homepage, you can attach a screenshot of your homepage and you can then tag the phrase to the exact location on your screenshot by highlighting the area where your phrase appears.

What the Translators Would See for the Screenshot Function

If you’ve attached a screenshot for a particular phrase, in the actual translation project on our cloud-based translation platform, a blue button would appear under the phrase to notify translators that you’ve attached a screenshot.

When the translator proceeds to that phrase, the screenshot will pop up and the phrase that needs to be translated would be highlighted in a brighter color than the background for easy identification.

This screenshot function is a great way to reduce contextual errors in order to enhance the quality of your website and mobile app translation.

Other than this screenshot function, OneSky also offers a lot of other features such as placeholder validation and glossary function  to enhance the quality of your website and mobile app translation. See our previous blog posts on placeholder validation and glossary to know more.

If you like this feature and would like to experience it yourself, sign-up for a free account at OneSky today to start exploring 🙂  Alternatively, you can also contact us if you’ve any questions regarding the use of our translation platform.

Amanda Wong

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