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Insights on international expansion

9 International Growth Strategies from Spotify


This article is Part 1 of our 2-part series on Spotify. Read Part 2 for a deep-dive on Spotify’s successful Asia expansion, including their pre-launch strategy for Japan.  2016 is Spotify’s year in the spotlight. Then again, since its meteoric rise in the last decade, Spotify has already spent many years on everyone’s radar. To date, Spotify has half a billion registered users, more than 100+ million active users, and 40 million paying subscribers worldwide—all streaming the 30 million songs on

5 Global Marketing Strategies for Winning 3 Key APAC Holiday Campaigns (2016 Edition)

Wondering why your China-based clients and vendors aren’t returning your emails this whole week? Chances are, they might be one of the nearly 600 million Chinese traveling this first week of October for Golden Week, a week-long national holiday in China. That’s a 12% increase from last year and nearly half of the biggest population in the world. This is just one of the many holidays celebrated around the world that have significant impact on locals—including their spending behavior, both

We’re making changes to our Translation Management System (TMS) plans

Today, we are rolling out new plans for our OneSky Translation Management System (TMS). An advanced management platform, our TMS is the ideal solution for projects involving multiple collaborators. To better serve the growing demand and our clients’ diverse needs, we are expanding the number of available plans and adjusting the pricing. Our new plans start from 10 collaborators for $89/month, to 50 for $299/month, billed annually. Custom plans are available as well.  To learn more about our new plans, please

Twitter’s Alline de Paula Shares 5 Pro Tips for Marketing Localization

twitter marketing localization thumbnail

It takes a village to raise a child. But if your child is a product ready to go global, uniting your “village,” or team, is a major challenge—particularly when it comes to your marketing localization. The main pain point when it comes to localizing your marketing assets is deciding who gets the final say: is it your Marketing Team, the gatekeepers of your unified international messaging? Or is it your Localization Team, who knows the ins and outs of individual

6 Expert Translators on Crafting Better Translations


This Friday, September 30th is International Translation Day, where we take the opportunity to recognize the growing community of translators around the world. As one of today’s fastest-growing industries, translation plays a critical and influential role in globalization, especially as more and more businesses are moving online and becoming accessible at an unprecedented scale. Despite developments in translation technology, nothing comes close to the quality of work produced by professional translators. With their linguistic training and dedication to their craft,

How to Solve the 5 Most Common Technical Issues in Localization


So you did your research, looked into all your growth options, and decided that a first round of localization for your product is the way to go. You’re ready to go global, but you’re uncertain about all the technical steps involved. Or you’re already knee-deep in managing your team’s localization efforts and feeling overwhelmed with all the technical jargon. If you feel like this kid in the image above when navigating the localization process, don’t worry, you’ve come to the

5 Challenges in English-French Translation and How You Can Solve Them


This post is part of our new series “Translation Challenges” highlighting the unique difficulties in translating to specific languages. With each language, we’ll also offer some insights into the opportunities of localizing to that language. We’ve written on Spanish translations, and future posts will cover other popular languages like German, Chinese, and many more. Subscribe to our blog newsletter so you don’t miss out! Parlez-vous français? French speakers are virtually everywhere. It is the only language aside from English spoken on

How Mavenfall Got Featured in 100+ App Stores with Localization

Look up the top challenges facing mobile game developers today and you won’t find just a few—you’ll find dozens of major hurdles. Among these challenges, ranging from budget concerns to crafting good story content to marketing your game, one problem that comes up over and over again is app discoverability. According to data from Newzoo Games, mobile games are generating 37% of the $99.6 billion revenue from the gaming industry this year. It’s a rapidly growing and exciting market—but also

Localization Tips: Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges in English-Spanish Translations

spanish translation challenges

This post is part of our new series “Translation Challenges” highlighting the unique localization difficulties when it comes to translating to specific languages. With each language, we’ll also offer some localization tips that may help you with your project. Future posts will cover other popular languages like German, French, Chinese, and many more. Subscribe to our blog newsletter so you don’t miss out! ¿Hablas español? Chances are, given the world’s current language breakdown, there’s a huge chance you do. 427

7 Tips to Ace Your Mobile Game Launch in Thailand


This blog post is part of our “Where to Go” series, featuring market-specific insights and tips to help you launch in trending markets around the world. Interested in launching in another popular country in the region? Check out our other guides to localizing in Southeast Asia: India, Indonesia, Vietnam. If you’re thinking of expanding globally in 2016, Thailand should be high on your list. With greater smartphone accessibility and usage in recent years, Southeast Asia has been on every mobile