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Android Tools for Building Global Apps: Localization Updates From Google I/O 2017

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Are you an iOS developer, too?  Check out our coverage of this year’s Apple WWDC Developers Conference here. We’ll be back next week with more from Google’s developers team on the most exciting markets you should localize to, and how you should do it. Subscribe to our Localization Newsletter and be the first to know when we publish!  Highlights from Google I/O 2017 Earlier this May, thousands of developers flocked to Mountain View, California for Google I/O 2017, the company’s annual developers conference. It’s one of the

Going Global With iOS 11: WWDC 2017 Localization Updates

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Are you more Android, less Apple? Keep an eye out for our updates from Google I/O 2017 Developer Conference, coming soon to the blog. Subscribe to our Localization Newsletter and be the first to know when we publish!  Highlights from WWDC 2017 One of the tech world’s most anticipated events—Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)—took place earlier this month at the San Jose Convention Center with more than 5,300 attendees. This year, Apple’s new HomePod stole the show. (It’s a Siri-powered speaker and

App Localization in 8 Simple Steps

You work at a fast-growing startup. You’re aware that it’s time to expand to international markets—more users and bigger revenues are your top priorities right now. And you know the international market is lucrative: Google announced at I/O 2017 their goal of targeting Next Billion Users in emerging markets like India, Brazil, and China. In fact, App Annie announced in their 2016 retrospective that the United States, China, and Brazil have more app downloads than the rest of the world combined. So, how

9 Strategies from Cisco’s Continuous Localization Expert


What does it take to introduce, then implement an entirely new localization strategy at the “number 1 IT company in the world”? This was the challenge that Cisco’s Internationalisation Architect and “Chief Localization Evangelist” Gary Lefman faced early 2015. He realized that nearly all of the development teams he worked with at Cisco had “gone agile”—they were all using the agile development methodology that is fast becoming the industry standard. So, faced with this daunting task, Gary got to work.

[Technical Tutorial] How To Localize Your Android App

Ready to Localize? Today, we’re excited to launch Part 2 of our free Localization Academy tutorials: a technical tutorial on localizing your Android app.  Our Localization Academy tutorials are a roundup of the best tips we’ve learned from helping thousands of companies set up internationalization, translation workflows, and internal infrastructure over the years. Go to OneSky Localization Academy now! Why Localize Your Android App? Since we first published our iOS Localization Tutorial, the positive feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming. Our initial hypothesis, and the motivation behind

6 Expert Translators on Crafting Better Translations


This Friday, September 30th is International Translation Day, where we take the opportunity to recognize the growing community of translators around the world. As one of today’s fastest-growing industries, translation plays a critical and influential role in globalization, especially as more and more businesses are moving online and becoming accessible at an unprecedented scale. Despite developments in translation technology, nothing comes close to the quality of work produced by professional translators. With their linguistic training and dedication to their craft,

How to Solve the 5 Most Common Technical Issues in Localization


So you did your research, looked into all your growth options, and decided that a first round of localization for your product is the way to go. You’re ready to go global, but you’re uncertain about all the technical steps involved. Or you’re already knee-deep in managing your team’s localization efforts and feeling overwhelmed with all the technical jargon. If you feel like this kid in the image above when navigating the localization process, don’t worry, you’ve come to the

5 Challenges in English-French Translation and How You Can Solve Them


This post is part of our new series “Translation Challenges” highlighting the unique difficulties in translating to specific languages. With each language, we’ll also offer some insights into the opportunities of localizing to that language. We’ve written on Spanish translations, and future posts will cover other popular languages like German, Chinese, and many more. Subscribe to our blog newsletter so you don’t miss out! Parlez-vous français? French speakers are virtually everywhere. It is the only language aside from English spoken on

Localization Tips: Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges in English-Spanish Translations

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This post is part of our new series “Translation Challenges” highlighting the unique localization difficulties when it comes to translating to specific languages. With each language, we’ll also offer some localization tips that may help you with your project. Future posts will cover other popular languages like German, French, Chinese, and many more. Subscribe to our blog newsletter so you don’t miss out! ¿Hablas español? Chances are, given the world’s current language breakdown, there’s a huge chance you do. 427

[New eBook] What the heck is Minimum Viable Localization (MVL)??

Going global with your product is daunting. If you’re a first-timer to localization, the time, cost, and commitment in expanding into new markets can be intimidating. We get it. At OneSky, we’ve helped many companies overcome their initial cold feet to succeeding in the international marketplace. One key lesson we’ve learned: starting small is often the best way to go when it comes to localizing for the first time. Based on our clients’ experiences and the popular Minimum Viable Product