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Category: Game Localization

The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Game & App Publishers

A while ago, we published a cheat sheet about the top 26 China’s Android app stores. In this sequel, we’ve put together a guide to the top game & app publishers in China. Why you have to find a publisher? Because according to Google, more than 80% of users in China buy their mobile games from familiar brand. China has an unique distribution channels, and foreign developers always face the fraud and piracy issues. Thus there’s a strategic reason for

6 Tips to Succeed in Chinese Mobile Game Market

Update: Check out our new Ultimate Guide to Chinese Game and App Publishers for more insights. How to Crack China like Clash of Clans They look like cartoon characters and are known for invading each other’s communities, but the warriors in Clash of Clans have conquered another realm in the last couple years: China. Arriving two years ago, Clash of Clans quickly became one of China’s top 10 grossing mobile games. The Finnish game has remained a bestseller despite challenges from Chinese

Everything You Should Know About the Skyrocketing Indian Mobile Gaming Market

This blog post is an excerpt of our, in partnership of Newzoo, recent report “Knock down the BRIC wall – Your 2015 guide to success in BRIC mobile gaming markets.” Download the eBook now. With 1.2 billion people, a booming economy, and one of the world’s fastest-growing mobile game markets, India is an important destination for game developers. In this blog post, we will look into what should know about Indian mobile gaming market, and how you can get succeeded

Report released: BRIC mobile gaming market will reach $9.4B in 2016

We, in partnership with global games market research firm Newzoo, are pleased to announce the release of our market analysis on BRIC mobile gaming markets. The study delineates the market opportunities, monetization potential, country trends and localization tactics. The key takeaways of the analysis The BRIC mobile gaming market is expected to reach $9.4B in 2016, hugely exceeding the global average. It obtained $5.1 billion revenue in 2014 with a year over year (YoY) growth is at 91.7%. The global YoY

A Quick Guide to Japan’s Huge Mobile Game Market

Japan: the world’s most lucrative mobile game market Japan’s console game market is in decline. But the mobile game market there is booming.  For app developers, that’s great news, because Japanese smartphone gamers are huge spenders. According to Distimo, the average game download in Japan is worth $6.34. Meanwhile, getting new downloads is pretty cheap—just $1.86 per download, on average. And the market is huge. Japan has surpassed the United States in terms of spending on mobile games, according to

The Seven Most Common Mistakes in Game Localization


Introduction As we’ve discussed in an earlier post, mobile game developers often encounter huge roadblocks at international expansion. In this post, we’ll talk about the seven most common—and devastating—game localization mistakes that developers make. And we’ll provide some recommendations on how you may avoid those pitfalls. Game Localization Mistake #1: Hard-coding text into the source code To save time, some game developers hard-code their game’s text into the source code. For example,

In this example, the attack message “A

[New eBook] The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Game Localization

If you’re a mobile game marketer, there’s probably been a time when you looked at the reception of your game overseas, and then felt a pang of despair. Reviews were poor, or gamers weren’t showing much interest. We understand. Without proper localization, even the best game can’t offer a full experience to gamers in other countries. Meanwhile, localization can be hard. Fine-tuning a game to a new language, culture, and market is often a chaotic process. That’s why we’ve been

The Essentials to Game Localization in Brazil

Why does Brazil matter to game developers? The market is big and growing fast. Last year, Brazil’s gaming industry generated $1.4 billion in revenues making it the largest gaming market in Latin America, and the fifth largest in the world. Mobile games are especially popular and they take up the largest share of the digital games market with $606 million in revenues per year. And by 2015, estimated total revenue will be $2.4 billion dollars, a 71% increase. The numbers make sense

Why You Have to Localize Your Mobile Game Today

Introduction Game localization is a bit like going to the dentist. It has to be done sooner or later, but we keep putting it off until it’s way too late. However, by then things could be messier and costlier… Why the procrastination? We can’t speak for dentistry, but with localization, we understand the process can seem daunting. You have to prepare your app for translation, wrangle translators and handle a multi-stage, unfamiliar workflow. Sometimes by the end of the day,

Why On-Device Testing Is Essential for App Localization

“I AM ERROR” – Nintendo’s famous localization error. Back in 1987, gamers playing the English-language version of Zelda II encountered one of the most confusing messages in gaming history. Link would walk into a room, and a speech bubble would pop up. It read “I AM ERROR.” Was this a poorly translated error message? Was it a joke? Was “Error” the name of a character? Zelda was originally in Japanese, and, as it turns out, the game’s translators had decided