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Agile Localization: Myth or Reality?


Agile localization: myth or reality? I think many of those who are working in translation industry already got used to small chunks of work that need to be translated within short turnaround time. And buzzword "Agile" emerged as one of popular tendencies. What does it mean in terms of localization? What is Agile? Agile is development practice and methodology that focuses on frequent delivery of working software, continues changes, tight collaboration between team members. In agile, there are two-week sprints,

Why Do Mobile Games Often Fail at International Expansion?


According to WSJ, the global mobile game market is expected to increase eightfold from $3.77 billion in 2010 to $29.6 billion in 2017. And among all the countries, the Asia Pacific region, with China and Japan as leaders, is the biggest market for mobile game developers with 48% of the global revenue and three times more paying gamers than the second biggest region, North America. Considering these statistics, it’s no surprise that there are countless mobile games tried to expand

Introducing New Translation Tool


OneSky cares about the productivity and happiness of our translators. We launched a brand new translation tool with a bunch of improvements according from the feedbacks from the translators. The new tool helps the translators to do their jobs in a much easier way providing better quality too. Here are some of the major improvements: Clean Interface The translators may need to work on a translation for hours. The new interface is designed to focus more on the “translate” action and show the

Customize Locale Values


OneSky applies ISO639-1 as the standard locale code for consistency purpose. We found that there are different standards for different platforms. We’ll still keep the standard in order to help the users, who are not familiar with the localization flow. We’d like to introduce a new feature for experienced Localization Managers to customize the locale values for any languages needed. This allows the team to work with the flow with their own practice and own standard. You can update the locale by

14 Compelling Statistics About the Importance of Localization


When companies are planning to roll out a new product, localization can be a surprisingly low priority on their to-do list. Why? Because most of the time, there is almost no localization related discussion until the later stages of the development process. That’s why localization requirements will usually be assigned a lower priority and when the project gets hectic, those requirements will likely be omitted altogether. Even though the importance of localization and translation have been proven time and time again, there are

A Step By Step Guide to Pre-translation


According to Daniel Gouadec, author of Translation as a Profession, the translation process is a series of translating activities involving three phases: pre-translation, translation, and post translation. Daniel suggests that most translation problems and potential risks could be resolved by getting as much information as possible prior to a translation project. Therefore, investing more resources in the pre-translation phase is a more efficient way of managing risk than having to deal with different pitfalls during or after the whole translation process. Let’s take a

Freshdesk and OneSky Team Up to Make Multilingual Knowledge Base Easy


OneSky, a fast growing translation management platform, and Freshdesk, a leading provider of customer support software in the SaaS market, have teamed up to bring multilingual knowledge base capabilities to more than 20,000 Freshdesk customers across the world. The partnership promises to give help desks and support staff the ability to professionally translate their knowledge base articles on Freshdesk directly from OneSky platform, leveraging its own network of professional translators for 40+ languages and sophisticated quality assurance features. The result is to make it easier to deliver

Localization PMs: 10 Ways You Can Make Translators’ Lives Easier


Nowadays context is king, especially if we talk about localization of apps, software, games, websites and web services. The more context translator has, the more accurate translation will be. Often translator has to work with source strings extracted in the CAT-tool only with no or little context. Fortunately, more and more localization PMs and product managers, that are responsible for translation and localization, understand the importance of context. So in what ways can they provide more contexts and give a

Marketing and Localization Teams: Friends or Foes?


Localization is a complex process involving many stakeholders in the company: developers, testers, product team, marketing team (often in-country), of course localization and internationalization team, including localization project manager(s), in-house/freelancers and editors etc. In trying to maintain a single, focused message globally, in-house marketing team often steps in during the process of final quality review, setting up/changing translation of core terminology, and organizing in-country events. Different companies have different models of marketing team involvement. Some, like Adobe, prefer more centralized

Content Localization is Essential for Business Growth


Many US companies still don’t really think about the language of their content, which means there are big opportunities for the companies that do. Because English has been so influential around the world, content used to be rolled out around the world without localization. That fact is changing rapidly as consumers are beginning to demand more relevant content. English is considered the world’s most influential language by far, based on criteria such as number of secondary speakers, economic power of