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7 Tips to Ace Your Mobile Game Launch in Thailand


This blog post is part of our “Where to Go” series, featuring market-specific insights and tips to help you launch in trending markets around the world. Interested in launching in another popular country in the region? Check out our other guides to localizing in Southeast Asia: India, Indonesia, Vietnam. If you’re thinking of expanding globally in 2016, Thailand should be high on your list. With greater smartphone accessibility and usage in recent years, Southeast Asia has been on every mobile

[New eBook] What the heck is Minimum Viable Localization (MVL)??


Going global with your product is daunting. If you’re a first-timer to localization, the time, cost, and commitment in expanding into new markets can be intimidating. We get it. At OneSky, we’ve helped many companies overcome their initial cold feet to succeeding in the international marketplace. One key lesson we’ve learned: starting small is often the best way to go when it comes to localizing for the first time. Based on our clients’ experiences and the popular Minimum Viable Product

Launch Everywhere—How Uber Won 450+ Markets


Update 1 August 2016  In a surprising turn of events, several sources are reporting that Uber China will be merging with its long-time rival, Didi Chuxing. Possible reasons behind Uber’s defeat could be the unique difficulties of entering the China market as well as Didi Chuxing’s local know-how and massive consumer base, following its own merger last year. Many say this strategic move may help Uber move faster towards IPO. Read the following blog post to learn more about Uber’s unstoppable

Localization in iOS 10 is Even Easier: Here’s What We Learned at WWDC


Introduction: The Worldwide Developers Conference Get a bunch of iOS developers in a room, and there’s a lot that can happen. Amazing apps. Crazy hacks. Tip trading. But, when it comes to Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), you’re also going to get silence. Because that’s when Apple rolls out their major updates, and everyone is listening carefully. You’ve most likely heard some of the news already. The big buzz this year is that developers will now be able to place ads

How Game Translation Caused a Pokémon Protest (And How to Avoid It in the Future)


In Hong Kong this May, around 20 protesters marched to the Consulate-General of Japan to rally against Pikachu’s name change. Yes, you read that right. Pikachu. As in, the Pokémon. The name change of a Pokémon caused a group of Hongkongers to protest at the Japanese consulate. What happened here? You might think it’s another funny meme about the recently released game Pokemon Go — but believe it or not, this is an actual news item. It’s actually also a great lesson

Trello Teaches How They Nailed Localization and Global Marketing


Introduction There are some things that just about everyone loves, no matter where the person comes from. Laughter. Time with someone they care about. A good meal. And, perhaps, your product. It’s hard enough to build a software that’s truly universal. But, even when you pull that off, there’s still another set of challenges: making sure people everywhere have heard about your product, and then getting them to actually use it. Many software companies struggle to go truly international; even

The Math Behind the App Business


Monetizing your mobile app requires understanding the math behind the app business. This understanding—of your metrics and revenue drivers—ultimately enables you to dissect your business model. It allows you to hone in on any bottlenecks that could be costing you business, and identify any areas of improvement that can be optimized to better achieve your goals. The math of the app business is neither scary nor intangible. The truth is, the entire app business can be summarized with one equation.

A Five-Minute Guide to Mobile Gaming Markets in Southeast Asia


Meet this year’s hottest mobile gaming market Markets change—fast. China and Latin America have both gotten a lot of buzz in the past, but, now, China is showing slowed growth, and there’s a lot of uncertainty around Latin America. So, where’s the new hot spot? Southeast Asia, or SEA. When you look at the numbers, it’s easy to see why SEA is catching the eye of the mobile gaming industry. Six hundred million people. Eleven countries. And some truly astonishing growth

Introducing App Marketing Stack


We’re excited to introduce a new website of ours: App Marketing Stack. It’s a curated directory of tools and resources on app marketing and mobile growth, and you’re going to love it. “But wait,” you wonder, “I’m going to love it? I’m not even sure I need it!” In this blog post, we’ll explain the importance of mobile growth, what the Mobile Growth Stack is, and how our website enables you to use that tool to make it so much easier

8 Steps to Get App Localization Started


You work at a fast-growing startup. You’re aware that it’s time to expand to international markets—more users and bigger revenues are your top priorities right now. And you know the international market is lucrative; according to App Annie’s 2014 retrospective, the United States, Japan, and South Korea are the three biggest app markets in the world. Together, these countries generate more revenue than every other country in the world combined. So, how are you going to make sure you’ve covered the three