What the Heck Is Minimum Viable Localization (MVL)

[New Ebook] What the Heck Is Minimum Viable Localization (MVL)?

All the benefits of localization, without the hassle

If you’re a first-timer to localization, the time, cost, and commitment in expanding into new markets can seem a little intimidating. We get it.

But at OneSky, we’ve helped many companies to overcome their initial cold feet and succeed in the international marketplace.

One key lesson we’ve learned: starting small is often the best way to go when it comes to localizing for the first time.

Introducing Minimum Viable Localization (MVL)

Based on our clients’ experiences and the popular Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach used in product development, we’ve developed Minimum Viable Localization (MVL) — a new agile framework to help you grow your user base and test new markets at an international level.

Our new 30-page eBook will walk you step-by-step through the MVL strategy. We’ll cover the why, what, and how behind MVL and analyze case studies of how companies leveraged MVL strategies to succeed globally.

Download our eBook today to discover how easy localization can be!

In the Beginner’s Guide to Minimum Viable Localization (MVL) you will learn about the following topics:

Why localize?

Seriously, why bother? For all you non-believers and the yet-to-be converted, we explain why localization matters to your product’s growth and long-term success.

MVL explained

We explain the basic elements of MVL and go over why this approach is the best choice for starting out the localization process.

The 3 Stages of Any Good MVL Strategy

Discover the optimal workflow for strategizing and executing your MVL plan, including case studies from companies like OnePlus and AutoCAD WS.

After MVL: Next Steps

The MVL party may be over, but the ROI fun has just started. This section clarifies how to leverage your MVL as a springboard for long-term success in deep localization.

Get the eBook now to start your journey towards agile localization!


Kerri Lu

Kerri Lu is a marketer at OneSky. She loves to read and write about tech, and is excited to share localization insights on this blog and @TheKerriLu. Outside of work, she's a big believer in public transportation, fresh produce, and WhatsApp voice messages.

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